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will anesthesia impact neuro symptoms?

I had viral meningitis from west nile virus in August, 2013. now I'm scheduled for a colonoscopy in December and wondering if I should entertain subjecting my brain to anesthesia so soon after that neurological insult for which I still have some symptoms. I'm doing pretty well now but still have some short term memory problems and balance, etc. Should I postpone this a few months for safety? Anyone else have such a circumstance?

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I had VM diagnosed in July 2013, still get headaches, neck pain, dizziness, etc... and I am supposed to get an endoscopy in December. The doctor told me the anesthitist would take that into consideration and monitor me carefully but I am very concerned about going under even if it is just propafol. I am going to ask my neurologist next.


You can have it awake it better xx I also had to have one was nt as bad as thought being awake x


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