Virul meningatis

Hi my son is an hospitaliz from 9 weak in hospital they have virul meningatis. Still they can't talk eat walk and have temp 99 and some time more but less than 100. I am so worry. Either my son temp will fix. The doctor give esocolcer complete course 21 days and now the doctore give them the course again. As per doctore there 49 percent virus are still alive. Plz advise me what should I do. My son will again start talking walking and talking. It's is our 48 day in hospital.

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  • Meningitis is hard to get rid of some ppl have to havr more than one course of antibiotics, i think your son will kick back and b fine, he's in my prayers, good luck

  • Thanks ascakes.

  • Stay strong and have'faith. Your boy will'need time but he will be getting'better day by day. My daughter had 3 routes of meropemen and stayed hospitalised for 2 months. She is now getting stronger slowly and steadily. so will ydnur son. Ask doctors for medicines for protection of stomach and intensines because my baby had feeding issues after the repeated use of meropemen which caused harm at the stomach.

    Wish your boy gets well and return home.

  • Thanks euahelia u don't know I much I pray for ur daughter and for u. God give ur daughter a perfect health. Dear the doctor complete the second antibiotic course but with second course the response of my child become low. It's the third day his temp is fix. Plz tell me your daughter meningatis history complete. My son on this stage neither walk neither set neither talk and his right hand and right leg a low response. Plz advise me what should I do. What u think my son will recover.

  • My daughter got sick with meningitis at 50 days old. She was treated with claforan and ambicilline foq 10 days, then got home. After a day,she had fever again and therapy continued with meropemen for 14 days. we got home and i a week we went back to the hospital where she had meropemen for another15days. She also had an mri to see if she had abcess in her brain. The mri did not show abcess but did show blurred cerebral fluid and so she continued with meropemen. We are now home for 3 months and she is a little bihind from other babys at her age but she does make progress developmentally. I pray your son has full recovery and gain back all of his abilities

  • Ask the doctor to consider the use of another antibiotic? ask for mri to exclude absess and also ask for heart ultrasound to exclude endocarditis because some meningitis bacteria sit on the heart and cause'endocarditis

  • Thanks euagelia GOD bless u. Ok I will ask from doctor

  • But euagelia u know when I bring him to hospital for the first time in a good paith the doctor start anti virul and

    Anti bacterial that before the test for saving the time then on forth day the doctor do LP MRi CT and other test but all the result shows nothing. I thing the anti virul and anti bacterial medicine suppress every thing. And till now the test result shows nothing. I am too worry. Becose now I bring my son to home. After every 3 or 4 day they have 100 temp and it disappear for other 3 days. We give them liquid through NG tube. They can't set walk talk mostly they look in one direction and they give movement to eye balls. My son was 3.5 year old but before VB they were very energetic. Euagelia I am so worried about my son. The doctor send us now home. And they tell us that we have no further treatment. But do all our best. I don't know what will happen. God help me.

  • And his feeling like crying smiling is also no more.

  • Your very welcome

  • Doctors and the exams they did, did not find the bacteria that caused meningitis to my daughter either. Howerer they were telling us that the iv antibiotics work because they were watching her clinical picture that got better day by day.

    We are now seeing a neurologist that will keep an eye on her should too find a good neurologist. So far my baby needs physiotherapy because her muscle tone got weak.

    If your son has the picture that you describe,then probaply he will need some therapies as well. the neurologist should give you guidance on these issues.

    I hope i helped.. Be strong.. We need to be strong for our children..

  • Yes I find a neuralog they prescribe some brain tonic and vebridone. And my next appointment will be after 25 days. Plz pray for my child. Thanks.

  • I will.. My thoughts are with you..

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