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Meningitis @ Fort Ord 1964

Meningitis Fort Ord 1964

I need information regarding Fort Ord , 1964

when I contracted the deadly disease of bacterial spinal meningitis

while in the Army just after basic training, ( Nov 6 ).

I was the 100th case of spinal meningitis at Fort Ord in 1964.

I would Like to hear from any soldiers who contracted meningitis at Ford Ord in that timeframe.

I am interested in finding out how many meningitis patients from Fort Ord were medically discharged.

Also would like to hear from any that were put on compensation or pension disability from their bout with meningitis.

After leaving the hospital at Fort Ord in 1964 I have had continual migraine headaches on the order of about 3 to 5 a week, I am wondering if anybody else out there has had post Meningitis headaches for that long?

My headaches are so bad I have to lay down in a dark quiet room for hours each time I have one.

After my bout with Meningitis, I was shipped out to Vietnam for 541 days, when that didn't kill me either I came home.

As I look back on my life I realize how many things I was not able to accomplish due to the after effects I experienced from my bacterial spinal meningitis. While keeping in mind that hindsight is 20/20 I now understand why I had so many downfalls in the last 45 years.

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