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2nd Covid Vaccination.

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Just to let you know I have now had my 2nd Covid Vaccination on the 12th June. The day after I only had a sore arm by the second day it had gone.

Waiting for the 3 week course then I am going out into shops.

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Hello Lotus-Blossom

That is great news. So glad it was just a bit of a sore arm!

Enjoy your trip to the shops in 3 weeks. Shops are doing a really good job at keeping people safe when they are shopping. There is still social distancing and lots of hand sanitiser (and of course face masks).

Thanks for the update.


Thank you for mentioning me.

Enjoy yourself

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Charlie2750Community friend

Hi Lotus-Bloom well done and I am pleased that you were brave.I have been working part-time giving vaccinations and it is a joy to see so many people being so positive and excited to receive a vaccination.Some injections hurt because the liquid is cold or stings but the vaccines are given at room temperature and does not cause pain and the sore arm shows that the body is going to make antibodies to protect you.Keep safe and well.


Thankyou for your response. I will stay safe and well. Thankyou for your information on the vaccine I will take note on that. I'm just so happy. I even got a letter saying I no longer need to shield I can go out, just to follow public guide lines.

Keep Safe and well yourself.

What vaccine did you get? I'm too afraid to get my second

AstraZeneca was the one I got. The second one, think of it as a booster as your body is already used to it and less likely to cause side effects.

Don't be scared because when you get your second vaccine you will feel so much safer as it feels a great weight to get off your shoulders and gives you freedom to start getting your life back at the pace to suit you.

Thankyou for getting in touch. x

I've been to vaccine centre several times but none of them have any aftercare. I'm too afraid of being ill and being alone indoors and unable to drive away. I need to escape if I feel ill because nobody is coming to save me.

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