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COVID-19 vaccine

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Hi everyone I am back again I have a daughter she got a learning disability and severe autism non-verbal she’s over 20 year old but she refuse COVID-19 vaccine anyone good idea how she can get COVID-19 vaccine please let me know she don’t like Needle 🪡 please help me let me know what I need to do I am already spoke to her GP said to I can’t do anything if she refuse we could give her COVID-19 vaccine please let me know but i need to do? Thank you very much

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Speak to mencap helpline or the autistic society and what about the learning disability nurse at the local hospital speak to them. Or ask them to come to your home if she lives with you. My sons non verbal and has severe LD and Autism so I do get where your coming from. There’s also the local challenging behaviour team for suggestions. Distraction is always good what motivates her Might be worth using some of these techniques.

Thank you very much to reply I am already asking Learning disability team they taking so long to pass on to one person to other person they said to me because Your daughter under a 30-year-old she need to have it GP surgery or hospital anyway thank you very much I will contact MenCaps helpline

You need to ask the nurse or who ever delivers the injection to use Magic cream. This numbs the muscle and so she won’t feel the pain . Also ask the nurse to have a false string with out needle to show your daughter and swap it as she injects. You have to hold both her hands as a helping and caring gesture and ask her to look at her favourite cartoon on an iPad or phone in the other direction. Also tell her if she has it you can travel to her favourite holiday other wise she can’t come. My oldest son refused and he knows about magic cream . The nurse didn’t have any so I told her to put some sanitiser with cotton wool to make his skin feel cool . He then held my hands and I asked him to look away and it was done in the blink of an eye . Some nurses are very quick others hang about waving the needle . They need to know your daughter is a refuser and autistic before hand . My son he’s 23 and loves travelling so that did the trick in part and the magic cream . They do have to wait 30 minutes for the cream to work before they can inject .

Best of luck.

Thank you very much hopefully she’ll get vaccine soon

Didn't know about this🙂

Hi, I’m not sure where you live but Mencap have a useful easy read pdf about “Having the vaccine and learning difficulties” - it has some good suggestions about how to support someone with having the vaccine. Would your daughter feel better if they numbed the area first with cream? There are several different things they suggest - it may be possible to have the vaccine done at your home, somewhere she feels safe...


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