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Dating for people with LDD

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Is anyone able to recommend online dating sites which are genuinely geared to the needs of our young people? I mean organisations which have their needs front and centre, rather then just as a tag-on to mainstream dating sites. Any help would be really wonderful! I have a very able, lovely son aged 35 who would love to get involved.

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I would be interested in this for my son who is 26

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My son in his 40s needs to date like any other human being

Yes I would love to find something for my daughter. Even virtual dates would help. She is so wanting a relationship and will be 18 next month.

It’s not a dating website but if you google ‘supported loving’, they have lots of good advice

Hi there! My daughter 23 (who has M/S LD), is in the same boat. It’s my biggest disappointment that I can’t fix this problem for her and find her a companion who will love her and make her feel like the princess she is. Plus we’re in Northern Ireland so options are even lower here than on the mainland :(

Pity there wasn’t somewhere (like this trusted platform) we could each upload a profile for our young person eg. their likes, dislikes, what activities they’re interested in, etc. ... even just as a way to communicate with others and form new friendships ... Otherwise how do we ever fix this problem and help them find love?

That’s my problem - I know very few other young people locally with LDs - lots of girls .. but few boys that my daughter could get to know better. It’s so sad 😞

Anyway ... hope you all have a lovely day xx

Hi I raised this exact question a few months ago - and had , meet n match suggested - must admit not taken it any further at the mo as it’s just online for now and my son can get a bit annoyed when our WiFi plays up! maybe this is an area that Mencap_online_comms needs to get involved with - good luck I’ll be interested in your replies

I am also interested in following this post as I have a 25 year old daughter with LD that would love to have friends and a possible relationship. We live in the West Country and there doesn’t appear to be support for this.

yep my 27 son wants to make friends, have someone to love... he would be happy just to have someone to message online in quite an innocent way, just a special someone. I have followed all leads and got no where - this would be an excellent thing for mencap to take on - I wish they would.

I think friendship comes first and if there is a spark it may lead to a long term relationship. So what needs to happen is to set up an area where young adults with learning disabilities can make friends .Also you have to remember the autism spectrum or disabilities is a big range so it’s wrong to make children or young adults to make friendships with others they don’t identify as they don’t see themselves like that and get self doubts. So there needs to be a kind of grouping but not discrimination.I encourage my younger one to make friends with all young people irrespective of disability he’s very sociable and some don’t talk ,but we know they are more likely to communicate at certain levels of interest so that’s a sensitive area.

My younger one 18y hosts a quizz

On Zoom and I think that may be good for people between 16-25

and perhaps a group for people from 25-35 ? Zoom is an easy way

People can join a quiz or chat . I helped him organise the Quiz and it

can be very simple and played some hang man and bingo . Let me know your thoughts on that.

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There is another post about dating here that might be of interest -

There are also some FAQs on here -

Please do let us know how your son gets on.

Best wishes


I'm in the same boat too although I'm mainly looking for friendship, it's going to take someone extra special for love in my case but I live in hope. I'm just worried about wasting precious time finding suitable groups. On the brighter side my local autism group have started an adult group this year, I'm going to email them to find out more. I think a lot of charities are starting to realise that kids with autism become adults with autism too, for years we've been forgotten about and I've been speaking to my local council about this for ages, they've woken up now.

I'm just worried about isolating myself, even though I do try to go to some groups but then my confidence drops. Still, it proves that things are changing, which is positive. All the best x

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