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Ask your MP to make people with a learning disability a priority for the vaccine

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I am just following up on some posts about who is a priority for the coronavirus vaccine, and how best to let government know they need to update their priority lists.

The problem is that many people with a learning disability are not in any of the priority groups that will get a potentially life-saving coronavirus vaccine soon.

Mencap have prepared a message for MPs, asking them to write to write to Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, to call for all people with a learning disability to be included in at least priority group 6.

It is really easy to do and only takes a couple of minutes to do. Don't worry if you don't know who your MP is - we can work it out from your postcode.

Email your MP here -

Thank you for your support. I will let you know how this goes.

Best wishes


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done :)

I have done this ... emailed mr Bob see let mom for the iow a few weeks agoI actually had a reply back just giving me a list of the order online fir the vaccine so I emailed again and had no answer!

This is very close to my heart as we are shared lives carers and a have a young person of 20 living with us with complex invisible dissabilities it’s like they are being not considered of worth of this vaccine they should be considered as a priority as a lot of these people could become seriously ill or fatal

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Picklebum in reply to Picklebum

Meant to say Bob Sealey mp for iow

Sent to my mp also sent one prepared by Scope.

Done, sent to Ian Lavery, Wansbeck. I added that my son has rubinstein taybi syndrome which is similar in many ways to down syndrome yet he bizarrely does not qualify on the same level.

I have emailed my MP Kelly Tolhurst Had quick response as follows

Thank you for your email.

I know this has been an incredibly difficult and worrying time for people with learning disabilities and autism. As your MP, I am absolutely committed to supporting people with learning disabilities and autism through every stage of the pandemic, as I know my ministerial colleagues in Government are.

I understand that the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has carefully considered the prioritisation of those with learning disabilities and autism. Current evidence strongly indicates however that the single greatest risk of mortality from COVID-19 is increasing age and that the risk increases exponentially with age. When compared to persons without underlying health conditions, the absolute increased risk in those with underlying health conditions is considered generally to be lower than the increased risk in persons over the age of 65. The exception to this is the clinically extremely vulnerable. JCVI's advice is therefore to offer vaccination to those aged 65 years and over followed by those in clinical risk groups aged 16 years and over. This includes those with severe and profound learning disabilities.

It is important to note also that while the JCVI has given its recommendations on the first phase of prioritisation (groups 1-9), JCVI is still due to come forward with further recommendations of further prioritisation.

I know that the JCVI is in the process of considering the next phase of the vaccination programme and they have said that the points raised with them regarding the wider numbers of persons with mild and moderate learning disabilities and autism will be taken into account in the relevant discussions and considerations ahead. I will be following developments closely.

I am also at a local level pushing for clarity from the Kent and Medway Clinical commissioning group about arrangements for people with learning difficulties.

I hope this information is helpful, please do not hesitate to contact if I can be of further assistance in the future.

Best wishes,


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Sarah_MencapAdministrator in reply to Teachginge64


Thanks for posting your MP's response. I will pass this onto our campaigns team.

Many thanks


Already emailed Stephen Hammond in Wimbledon and received a reply. Let me know if you want a copy?

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Libby_Mencap in reply to coxs

Hi there, it would be great to hear what your MP said! You can forward any response you get to



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