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Safe Internet Use

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Hi, I'm a Community Enabler and have noticed how many adults I support with Learning Disabilities have had negative experiences whilst using the internet. I found the SafeSurfing presentation on the Mencap pages. The video links aren't working, (for me). Could anyone help please?

I am intending to use the above to support my clients.

Any other tips / hints gratefully received. :)

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Hello Devonmade,

Thanks for pointing this useful training resource out to us, I had not realised it was there and it looks fab. I clicked on the PowerPoint and resource links and they worked for me. I did not see any video links but I’ll rootle about a bit more.

Here is a resource I am aware of from CMG:

Thanks again

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Devonmade in reply to Iolo

Thanks for the link, any tips are gratefully received :)

They are powerpoint presentations and when you click they download onto your computer and you can open them to view.

Hi, I can access and download the power point files, it's the video links within it that I'm unable to access. :)

hi Devonmade its extremely common,ive seen it in so many so called LD safe groups on facebook and i always screenshot it and report to the admins or facebook mods themselves just in case the bully turns round and deletes the post and 'gaslights' the bullied person-i didnt know any of this a few years ago, unfortunately i didnt know any of these terms or what to do until i had gotten severely bullied myself,which made me very paranoid about people including my own family.

i also didnt/dont have the verbal capacity to tell people what was happening and i was sectioned into a learning disability hospital for many months,miles away from my family-plus all the restraining that happened working up to the sectioning and during my stay there partly damaged my lower spine and spinal nerves, for a number of years now ive been a wheel chair user,i had to give up the special olympics etc.

i can recommend a few things but im going to try aiming them at the person who may support the bullied person, i can if wanted turn these into easy read for you as i have access to widgit online.

these tips all depend on the persons level of understanding, and PC skills, you can adapt these tips to be aimed at learning disabled people directly as everyone has different skills and understanding.

#so, if a person is bullied online, firstly, they need to avoid saying anything back,-it is worse when you say things back that breaks the rules of the website as it can end up with the bullyed person being banned or locked out for some time- it needs reporting through private messaging to a moderator or admin, dont say it in public that you are reporting the person as this can end up with their friends then targeting the bullyed person.

#they shoud avoid private messaging the bully as this can end up with them getting bullied further.

#as soon as possible they or someone supporting them shoud screen shot the offending comments-(tapping the prtsc/sysrq button once,this button is often on the top line of keys to the right....typing 'mspaint' into the 'search for anything' bar on the bottom left of the screen next to the start button,and click on it.

click twice on the mspaint app that comes up,hold down ctrl and press v,then save).

screen shotting the bad comments can stop the bully quickly deleting any abuse they post and this can also act as evidence if the bullying incidents is taken to police.

#make sure the bullied person does not believe what the bully wrote,act as a good listener for them and let them say what they wanted to post even if quite mad-as this can help them process what has happened and help them deal with it better.

#tell them to stay off the site/forum/group for a day at least to give them a rest from the problem,help them by being a good listener and maybe say a few things that might help them calm down such as arts and crafts, sensory equipment, going for a walk, using an exercise bike, stroking a pet, playing a computer game that isnt online based,drinking a nice decaff coffee or tea etc.

and for when the person is not being bullied, tell them to always screenshot any bullying of other people they see in case the site/group staff need it,always report bullying of other people to the moderators or admins privately.

i hope this helps.

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Devonmade in reply to LDAutie

Thank you very much, very useful :)

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LDAutie in reply to Devonmade

no problem Devonmade !

if you need anything writing with pictorials or a template made i do have a yearly sub with widgit online so just ask if you need any help. :)

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