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supported Independent living and benefits

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Hi. We are a group of parents whose young people have expressed wish to live in shared housing. They have social language and communication needs, no physical disabilities. They will all require support needs of 25 plus hours., which we envisage will be shared. We understand this shared living is becoming a more common model. We are interested in the hearing the experience of carers and parents who have helped their young people to achieve this. We are particularly interested in understanding the way the benefits system works, specifically in relation to shared supported living. What they are entitled to, how they are paid, how they would pay their rent, service charges etc. If there is anyone who has been through this experience who would like to take part in an online workshop as a speaker that would be great also. Our young people are currently in a post 19 college on the Isle of Wight, but are from all over the south east of England, up to London. They wish to have their shared house on the Isle of Wight.

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With regards to the Supported living question, unfortunately we do not have any services in the Isle of Wight so this would be down to the local authority.

For more helps with benefits - it would be worth seeing if, or could offer support as they specialise in money and benefits. Citizens Advice could also offer the advice around supported living in the area.

Mencap's helpline can put your questions about benefits refusals and appeals etc through our Information and Advice officers. Please can in touch if this is relevant.

Mencap also have local groups that may offer alternative options, and they may run group courses

. Here are two groups that may be near you.

Isle of Wight Mencap

34 Salters Road


Isle of Wight

PO33 3HU

United Kingdom

01983 566038

John's Club Isle of Wight

67 High Street


Isle of Wight

PO37 6JJ

United Kingdom

01983 865865


I hope this will of be some use.


Hi - my wife and I set up a house for our son three years ago, and he was joined there by three other similarly disabled young men. I’d be happy to share our experience if it would help.

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Hi. Thank you so much for your response. I think we would be very interested in your experience. If it is not too confidential for this forum could you tell me a little about what you did.? When you say you set up a house did you need to source it yourselves and tackle the funding and support provision etc? Were your LA supportive? If we were to set up a zoom meeting would you be happy to share your experience and answer questions if necessary?

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Happy to do a zoom meeting - we set up everything ourselves, bought the house, selected a care agency, interviewed the staff, liased with the Council on Housing Benefit, Council Tax, Health & Safety requirements, house modifications, Utilities, etc.. We had to take the Council to a Tribunal to win the HB, but it was worth the fight (took nearly three years..). I can get one of the other parents to join if that would help - gives another perspective. I'm not sure how to do private messaging on here, but if I (or you) can work that out, I can send my contact details so you can invite us to a zoom session. Look forward to talking with you.

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DDay01 in reply to Pelso23

Thank you. That sounds great. I have messaged the other parents in our group to see if they would like to take part. I’ll get back to you shortly 😊

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