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setting up a Trust for disabled person

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Can any recommend a solicitor who can guide and help me set a Trust for my adult son with Asperger syndrome. Thank you very much


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Hello binkybinky

Welcome to Mencap's online community. It is lovely to have you here.

You are not alone on this one. Have you seen this post

Our Wills and Trust Service will be able to help you with this. You can all call them on 0207 696 6925 or email

Best of luck - let us know how you get on.



Dear Sarah, Thank you for your reply.

Mencap above phone always seems to be on Answer phone. Let messages but no one calls back :(

Also emailed Mencap and reply was: "phone us on above same number."

Sadly very disappointed so far with service.

I went to one of their seminars and it was brilliant. It is a bit daunting but they explained it really well. They also had contact details for suitable (local) solicitors.

I went to one of these seminars as well and it was really informative! Would highely recommend.

Please also see this link for more information:

Copy and paste into your browser.

Hope this helps!


Hello binkybinky, I echo Sarah’s response. You need to appoint a solicitor who is experienced in drawing up wills and trusts for vulnerable people, not all solicitors have experience in this area. You could also contact the law society to find someone in your area. Good luck.

Hello Redsails

Thank u for you reply.

I thought via Mencap I would find actually the solicitor I will need.

So far Mencap have not helped with this information!

Hello binkybinky,

I am so sorry you are having difficulty getting in touch with Mencap's Wills and Trusts service.

The service does experience a very high volume of calls on a daily basis. If you are struggling to get through over the phone, please also try e-mailing; the address can be found via: where the team aim to respond to all enquiries within 48 hours.

Many thanks.

Dear Sarah

Wow I feel blessed. Thank you to all at Mencap.

Laila emailed me, Gina telephoned and of course thank you to Sarah.

I have received the list of solicitors. Lets hope I make good progress with the next task.

Kindest regards


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I am so glad you got the information you needed. Many thanks for letting us know.



I have a child with a Mencap Trust. The Mencap Trust team are WONDERFUL. They ALWAYS have every person's wishes and needs at the heart of their work. My experience is that they are also there at the end of a phone line - office hours of course - for enquiries from parents or guardians and of course, for the individual whose trust it is.

TOTAL peace of mind to the question - What will I do with any inheritance ? and If I leave them money then they could lose their benefits until all such money is spent.

As far as Mencap is concerned, they want all the money in each individual's Trust used and enjoyed by each Trustee.

The peace of mind it provides to a parent is absolutely invaluable.


I’m at this stage now and it’s very confusing? Do men cap trust work on their own doing the whole job, or do I need to get a solicitor to do the will and trust and nominate men cap as the trust?

Thank you


For an education tribunal, we used SEN legal. Trusts always concern me as I’m not sure if any money they have will be ultimately bused to fund their care.

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