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Adoptive Cell Transfer: Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TIL) clinical trial underway from my spouse


Yesterday, at last, the meaty work of the TIL clinical trial began from my husband. We arrived at VCU at 5:30 am for 7:30 tumor harvesting. They had him in a "twilight" anesthesia for 2 hours to harvest 2 cutaneous sites from the abdomen and right clavical area.

Feeling grateful to finally be taking the active steps for this treatment protocol. Learning that working in a clinical trial means all T's have to be crossed and I's dotted to move to the next step, so the pace is different. His pain is well manages with some low level pain prescription meds since the incisions this time were closed with staples.

Our family, friends, and church community have been brining in the love, which has been very helpful. And playing out with our band at a gig in Maryland Saturday also helped keep our minds distracted and filled with positive energy. My anxiety is decreased for now, but we've learned how this roller coaster can shift.

On Sunday, the local Richmond VA TV station did a mini interview with our clinical study doctor and a patient who received this TIL therapy about a year ago who was a responder. You can see the clip here:

Peace, and thanks for this HealthUnlocked support netword,


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Missy, so glad things are finally moving for you and Wayne. I pray everything goes well for Wayne and he also is able to help provide some more answers and treatment options for patients who follow. Amazing stuff. Blessings and enjoy each other and your family. You are right certainly is a roller coaster.


Missy, best wishes and prayers for your husband and for you, and for his medical team.

missyrandAmbassador in reply to legallygray

thank you very much

Thinking about you guys, so glad things are moving. That hold up even stressed me out ❤️


It was rough...

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