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Melanoma Caregivers

First In Human series

I have just started watching a series just released through The Discovery Channel called First In Human. The series is tracking state of the art treatments at the National Institutes of Health Building 10 which conducts First In Human trials for new cancer treatments. My husband and I have watched the first episode so far which includes a woman with metastatic melanoma who receives a targeted new treatment.

The show is both fascinating and a bit distressing because of how very ill the patients are, but I also admire their courage in being willing to test new medications, including for toxicity, because we are the recipients of Keytruda, which went through similar trials. If you watch the series, let me know your thoughts.


Peace, Missy

2 Replies

I've heard about this, but haven't been able to bring myself the courage to watch.

It's not as though I don't appreciate what everyone went through, because I do. I fear it would set me back. I was there every step of the way watching what my son endured. As a parent I wanted to switch places with him. He was a great kid. He once told me, Mom.. you couldn't handle this, Dad couldn't, nor could his sister's. He told me God knew he could.

I was told after he passed that the team of doctors who treated him learned things from my son. There is another young patient they are following the treatment my son used. I pray it helps her.


I found the first episode pretty emotional but the second episode less so. They can be watched also as stand-alone pieces.


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