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Stage 3 Adjuvant therapy

Hello all, my wife was diagnosed Stage 3 in March, is currently NED. Primary was mole on breast, did SNB showed hot in one node, did complete lymph node dissection under left arm, all 30 nodes came back clean. Returning in July for follow up scans and start Yervoy treatment. Dr stated 10mg/kg standard adjuvant treatment, but have read and they are discussing at conference he is attending now, that they have concluded based on clinical recently concluded that the 3mg dose is just as affective. Is that dosage an option we can request or up to what he prescribes?

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Great news on the NED. I'm not sure as to what is more effective. I would say reach out to a couple of different Dr's or nurses to gauge what is the proper dosage for any given situation.


Greetings 02greg.

My experience is similar to what CassieMRF recommends. Talking with your current melanoma oncologist to ask why this dose is recommended, vs another dose helps to educate yourself about outcomes and side effects. And a second opinion is something that all doctors worth their salt would be fine with. We've done this ourselves and it helped us to feel more confident in the course of treatment we ultimately embarked on, and are still in the midst of. It can also be helpful to ask why Yervoy and not one of the other immunologics. Do you know if your wife has the BRAF type or wild type of melanoma?

Peace to you and your wife.


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