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So there

So there

I've really posted that for me.

I don't know about you all. But I hide so many things. And am still working on the magic of


Maybe Santa will sprinkle some my way.

In my dreams.

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it takes a long time to accept that your new state of being is going to last. but I cannot say accepting it actually makes things better. but that could just be at this moment.live for the few good moments. and try to forget all the bad. and have a good holiday.


No you are right acceptance does nothing at all for the pain or limitations of cfs. But for me just saying "ok this is how it is" redirects some of the limited energy away from the never ending hamster wheel of trying to hanging onto who I was. to who I am now and how can I create in your words some good moments.

I have trigger words that wind me up. I am wondering if acceptance is one of yours. The one that makes me see red and is used in the title of some self help books. Is


There s a whole raft, overcoming pain, overcoming depression, overcoming ME, the list is endless. The implication being. If only we had tried harder and applied more effort. We surely would have overcome it.

The content might be worth a read. But the very titles put me off.

I can't overcome my irritation and pick one up.

Must try harder.

Enjoy creating some good moments in your days.

One of mine is the stray grey that fetched up as a kitten a year ago, shivering and yelling in a mates garden.

One of the many that farmer Rex has in his yard. It's the smallest of things that make the world go round.


What lovely words. Reading them I can’t believe and also what you said is about me.

I spend so much thinking, analysing but feel it’s my chance of helping myself. Yet sometimes feel like forgetting the lot!

In my analytical times , I had written down at top of list: acceptance!! X


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