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Top tips for nausea?

Although not yet formally diagnosed, my GP and I are both pretty certain that having ruled out everything else, I have CFS/ME.

Aside from the overall malaise, weakness etc, which has meant I've been pretty much housebound since June, my worst specific symptom is nausea.

On my worst days I just feel so sick all the time, and I have very disturbed sleep as I wake several times in the night with sudden surges of extreme nausea. It's ghastly.

I'm sure other people must have this too - are there any tips you can pass on for dealing with this? I'm not on any meds for my fatigue condition (yet!).



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Hi Fio. I tend to use Valoid on a regular basis. Its been a struggle but I have managed to put on a stone and a half this past year after some dramatic weight loss using those.

Also cannabis can be used if you are in a place where you can get it as can ginger.

Hope that helps. take care.

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Thanks v much. I'd forgotten ginger was good - we actually already have a ginger tea in the cupboard so I'll start with that!


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