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M.E. Association Petition on


Is everyone aware of this petition set up by the ME Association saying the NICE guideline is unfit for purpose and needs to be revised? You can tell how important I think it is because this is my very first post :) Need to go off for a rest now to get over it! Thanks everyone for your time and if you can, don't forget to add your signature. x

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Congratulations on your first post and as you say, a very important and significant one too for the ME community.

I signed and shared about a week ago and keep sharing it every few days as it's only open until Friday 21st due to the insultingly small amount of time NICE have given for the consultation. I would also encourage everyone to sign and share as often as possible over the course of this week.

In fact it did really well initially given it has only been open a short time, but it now seems to have stalled a bit over the last 24 hours so please everyone keep sharing everywhere you can.


Thanks ukmsmi4 for your reply and inserting the link. I couldn't see how to do it! :)

Take care. x

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You're very welcome Mewser , it can take some time to figure these things out for the first time. Especially if you are feeling rough and brain fogged into the bargain!

I just did it by going to the top of the page with the petition on, and copying the link in the web bar at the top. Then simply paste it into the comment or post. I'm sure there are probably several ways of doing these things, but that's how I did it.

Pleased to see the petition has reached 13,445 this morning. Doesn't seem a lot but ME petitions never get many signatures as the patients are often too ill to sign, or too ill to be clued up enough about these things. And non patients simply don't get it. So that amount in a couple of weeks is pretty good going. Let's hope it does some good.

You take care too.

Gentle hugs,


Hello mewser

Thank you for your post and pleased to say I have voted.



Hello Lottie,

Thanks for signing the petition. That's great news. :)

Take care. x


You too, x


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