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New here, Cfids/CFS for almost 30 years.

Learning how to manage symptoms of CFS is equivalent to knowing what the body is saying and then listening to it.

While not necessarily functioning at 100% for the majority of life with a chronic illness, my health journey has definitely improved. Its more about balancing energy levels and reserving my "spoons". (the Spoon Theory) while actually healing in the process.

The impact of CFS has been tough. I'd like to believe that I'm tougher. Looking forward to participating with others who have Cfs and whose lived experiences all matter.

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Hi Overcome_Ails and welcome. I am a big believer in Spoon Theory, especially if there is a big dollop of Ben & Jerrys on the end :) In all seriousness though, pacing has made a difference and although I still boom and bust I get through it better rationing out my energy.

Good to hear things have improved for you.


Hi @raffs Haha yep Ben and Jerry's on spoons end! like that idea :)

and absolutely..pacing is crucial to tapping into being well, and I've found that the "boom and bust" times don't last as long as they used to.

Take it easy, and keep some spoons on reserve!


Hi there Overcome_Ails, I'm relatively new to this, only started October last year with cfs/me after a bad bout of laryngitis . I'm just beginning to realise that I need to listen to my body, after research and reading people's experiences. It will be lovely to share and chat sometimes with people who understand how dibilitating and isolating this horrible condition is.

Reading 'raffs ' reply has made me crave Ben and Jerrys!!


Hi Rose, I always crave Ben and Jerry's LOL!

And yes, once the realization that we have to live in these bodies computes...it is only then we can start to let the body, mind, and spirit heal....

This condition is indeed isolating. It is difficult to make plans, to harness energy levels for just about everything, and most of all not having supportive network of people who "do understand".

Instead of letting the condition limit me, I'm learning how to limit my condition by balancing and accepting what I can or cannot do, when I can do or not do, and embracing the things that matter.

Thanks for your reply and hoping we continue to chat here!


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