Hell of a week!!

Hell of a week!!

Hey there, just joined the site this morning. I was diagnosed last March with the following, cfs, functional neurological disorder, essential tremor oh and fibromyalgia. Marvelous eh, talk about lucky white heather. To be told all that in one day was a bit much tbh. I'm a year n a bit down the line and I am struggling with my health big-time. I just keep thinking why me, I've just spent 5 days in hospital for a severe lung infection which caused a severe asthma attack and I almost died due to pausing breathing for 30secs every time I was going off to sleep and during sleep. Staff nurse had to sit with me the whole night and poke me to get me breathing again. As you can imagine I am scared to sleep and it is all catching up with me. I'm on a crash, burn out, whatever you want to call it.

Here I am at 03:02 having had an hrs sleep if your lucky xx

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  • Have you got sleep apnoea?

  • Not that I'm aware of, heading to the gp this afternoon, x

  • Stopping breathing whilst asleep can be caused by sleep apnoea.


  • I haven't slept a full night for over a week now,as I am too scared to sleep

  • Ask your doctor about it as you can be investigated for it and have an oxygen mask to wear at night which is supposed to help. Just a thought and worth checking.


  • They asked me when I was in how long I had had sleep apnea for, when I said I didn't they were like oh

  • So they think you might have it too. It needs to be looked into.

  • Hello. I am so sorry you are having such a bad time. I know it's a lot to take in, and there will be times when you feel really bad. I wish I could say that there's a treatment that works, unfortunately it's trial and error to find what helps you best. I truly hope that they can find a solution to your Asthma and breathing trouble and hope this helps.

  • Hey guys, well I landed back in hospital again on Monday until Friday night. My heart rate was 140 and wouldn't go below 108. Long story short, turns out I had 2 things going on. Hospital acquired pneumonia AND sleep apnea!!

    My consultant arranged a sleep study to be done on Wednesday night and low and behold it showed up that I was stopping breathing. Upshot is that I now have a cpap machine and my pulse rate had gone down to 85 on discharge.

    Relieved to get the answers and finally getting a decent nights sleep xx

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