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I am sorry to see that censorship as opposed to permitting free discussion that adheres to all the rules of this entire forum, has crept into the site. I responded to a post in factual, clear, measured language that contained no swear words, obscenities, racism, sexism or any bigotry of any kind, to find it has been summarily deleted without reason. It may have been uncomfortable, concerning some of the practices of non-Western medicines and what we know is used in them, and it was certainly uncomfortable to one individual, but there is a fine line between censorship of a perfectly reasonable, if uncomfortable, post, and editing to ensure no offensive language or attitudes, or divisive language is used.

I wonder who decides what they wish to delete, when the rules of the forum are adhered to? 

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I must admit, I wish whenever a post is deleted on HU by anyone other than the poster themselves, that they would provide a reason to the poster why the post was deleted.  If nothing else it gives them an idea of what not to do in the future.  I have had a post deleted before and to this day I've no idea why.

Also think that sometimes, depending on what the post is about, wouldn't it be better to leave the post but blank out the offending sentence or paragraph.  That would clearly tell the poster where they went wrong.

Obviously I don't object to censorship for a specific reason, just wish it was always made obvious what that reason was.xx 


Hear hear. Well said, and thank you. x

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itmust be admin that deletes not HU


Quite possibly it is admin bluepettals2 , but admin are only following HU rules. And it doesn't matter who it is that deletes the post, it would still be helpful to the poster if they are told why.x


Censorship is a slippery slope. 

I was on a politics site one time and not only did they delete posts but they would edit them at times too! Could not believe it, and obviously couldn't stay when I realised that.

I think it is only right that a notice is put as to why the post is deleted, especially since summarily deleted posts without explanation can breed resentment and allow Mods to abuse their positions.


Couldn't have put it better.


It is really not in the spirit of democracy to censor posts arbitrarily and anonymously...there can be no free and easy discussion with the shadow of the censor obscuring the light of reason.   I had one post deleted on the BLT (HU) forum which was reply to another poster who I felt was projecting his own feelings onto somebody else's post.  This action a) deprives the other of the opportunity to examine his motivations, and b) deprives me of the opportunity to stand corrected (if appropriate).  

Under any circumstances, censorship stifles debate, and therefore the unfolding of understanding.

If there is no direct abuse, racist attacks or personal contumely, there is no reason to censor and censorship is not healthy.

Some time ago on a 'Disqus' thread, in which discussion I participated vigorously, the moderator (who did not even abide by his own rules), deleted 7 of my posts, completely disrupting the sense of the development of the discussion.  This was done any warning or care, although I had actually received several "likes" from other members.

Anonymous, arbitrary censorship is the chosen first weapon of totalitarianism...and makes a mockery of Health "Unlocked".

Now wondering how long this post will last...  ;-)


Now that's a cogent argument. What it appears in the absence of being able to view the posts is that those who censor have problems that are being projected onto the posts! Why should such censorship not be challenged? I've only just seen your reply so thanks and sorry for the delay, but I'm really glad it hasn't disappeared - at least until I had the chance to see it. I think it is extremely unfortunate, to put it mildly, that self-elected people can decide what they don't like completely outside the rules of engagement, so to speak.

the thing is, if we have to play by rules that are not explicit, it makes a mockery of posting at all.


Ok, so it hasn't disappeared...yet.  ;-)  

 I have just, I hope,  brought this discussion to the attention of "matt" who is a founder member  of "Health Unlocked". 

 I just joined the new "HepC Chat" and it appears that he sends a standard welcome message to all new communities.  The message includes his brief personal resumé. Possibly he looks at incoming messages occasionally.

There is also a "feedback" form in the Help Centre accessible from the home page.

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Now then, that's interesting. I wonder what he will make of it? If anything? and I feel there is little point in feedback - I hope to be proven wrong.


The same sort of thing seems to be going on at Phoenix Rising too.  I saw this post at Health Rising talking about the censorship problems on other forums.  I wonder what is going on with the moderation of ME forums?


I've had a couple of posts censored on Thyroid UK, on Health Unlocked - one post was completely removed. The rules of the forum extend the right to do so without explanation, justifying the reason or warning to the person who posts. Sounds a bit familiar - to what happens in other countries, no?


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