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Being put down?

If I had a pet that was as sick as I am? I would put it down so it wouldn't have to suffer! Why are humans treated any different? I love life but have to say, I would rather be put down than be this sick and know I have no doctor to help or believe in me. That's sad in itself. How can a doctor just let a patient suffer to this extent? One answer? They don't believe it.. The even sadder part is, they will when something gives out and it's to late. The human body can only tolerate so much and being physically sick for so long. If you absolutely knew that something was very wrong, your were severly sick, a doctor who has already labeled you and refused to listen, your to tired to beg anymore, to scared to go to the er by that f****** label and no option to change your doctor? What do you do ?

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Ihatedrs40 you sound just like me :(

First thing to do is not give up that's the only time that recovery is not possible!

I am coming to terms with this condition and it has been a huge blow to me - I never ran marathons or explored jungles but I was always on the go - I have a very demanding yet enjoyable job I am afraid I will never do again and I watch other people play with my kids as I haven't the energy.

HOWEVER things have improved - I was advised to stop Gluten and Dairy and from that a lot of aches and pains, (and runs) have stopped.

You take your victories where you get them every little thing you do realise that its not little when you have to use most of your energy to do it. Look for different Drs. If you have money William Weir Harley St £150 for an appointment, (well that's what I am paying to see him next week).

Look on here I have had loads of advice and more importantly support that has kept me going.

Can you give a bit more info - what's the Dr said what tests have been done what you are experiencing?

AND most importantly keep reaching out - if you look you will find help, just don't expect a whole pile of understanding from Drs - they don't know!!


My advice would be change doctors

you are in charge of your own care unfortunately doctors don't know how to care for someone with this illness

you may strike it lucky and find one who understands better though.

Legally we do have the right to decide what GP treats us and what treatment we accept don't feel stuck.. It is easy to let this horrible negligence by doctors affect us it will only make you feel worse though as stress and emotional stress is something to a avoid

Please do something about it understanding doing the slightest thing is an effort. Ring the M.E association they can provide support and advice

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Some things that help me are

1.. Medication

2.. Support group

3. Taking charge of it myself and finding alternative things that can help me..

Not moving at all is natural when you're in pain.. slight movement even on bad days makes a difference.

Doing things that make you happy at least once a day for me it's singing or watching my favourite shows or box sets

Relaxation is important you will find many free classes everything is worth a try

In all honesty you need away from that doctor its bringing you down hun.


change your surgery since you have no confidence in your own gp. i have had chronic fatigue syndrome for 25 years two years ago found out it was known as atypical polio.a disease witch fits the beginning of my illness but was changed by the world health organisation in 1959. probably so they could claim that polio was totally wiped out in the west. you do have the right to change your g.p but i have found through experience that many medical people tend to think you are not worth there time once you mention cfs or me. i wish you luck in finding a doctor who can actually think for themselves and more importantly listen to the patient rather than assume the 5th rate press that occurred in the eighties.


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