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Gels - mix your own?

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Although I use them, I don't like gels much. I find them too sweet and claggy, and I also really struggle with the attitudes of my fellow runners towards litter during events, and hundreds of discarded gel sachets contributes to that.

But hooray, my favourite fuel people have brought out tubs of gel mix that allow you to make up your own, in a flavour that I love the sound of (cacao, peppermint and ginger). They come with a wee reusable squeezy pouch. I'm really tempted to give it a go, but I still have a big box of SIS gels to get through and the new tubs of Active Root gel mix are quite big, so I'm swithering πŸ€”

Do you have any thoughts on the practicality of making up gels on an as-needed basis? Any experience of anything similar?

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SlowLorisHalf Marathon

I have read that maple syrup is very good. It has the right balance of sugars and some minerals.


I like this idea very much, although I can't seem to access their website! (I've asked them about it on Facebook)

I have the same problem with the box of gels to use up πŸ˜„

I think it would be great to form a co-operative with a few like-minded locals and share a tub. Personally I don't seem to get through many gels in a year!

SqkrAdministrator in reply to roseabi

Oo that's odd about the website, it's loading for me but it may be an old cache... I love their drink (they do big refill tubs of those too, the original ginger flavour is my go-to fuel these days, and you can drink it hot too which is super tasty) so I'm very tempted.

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Sqkr

I'm a fool for ginger, I really must try something gingery on a run...

GoGo_JoJoMarathon in reply to roseabi

You should check out Active Root, ginger based hydration/ energy πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜ not my cup of tea but the sister in law likes it and it keeps her going for crazy miles

SqkrAdministrator in reply to GoGo_JoJo

(This is Active Root! πŸ˜‚ I love it too. Not touched Tailwind since I found it πŸ˜„)

GoGo_JoJoMarathon in reply to Sqkr

Haha! So it is! πŸ™ˆπŸ€£ if you like it, just go for it! If its got a decent shelf life, and as a dry product it should, you'll get through it. Finding something that works for you is so important.

I really hate seeing gel wraps out and about on the hills and trails. πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ

I had a load of protein/energy/hydration stuff but of course being grounded had to give it to hubby to use up but I'll be stocking up again once back on track.

Madge50Half Marathon

Oohh, that looks interesting, i’ve got a box of gels too, that I’m trying to β€˜use up’, and totally agree re the chucking of gel sachets on the floor, I just cannot bring myself to do that.......ever........have to roll them up and stuff them in a pocket.....

Wish I knew someone I could share a tub of this with.....would love to try it....

Like roseabi I’m not getting through many gels either, finding I’m ok with jelly babies (max 3 at a go) ......I love ginger too.......



If you wait long enough, the SIS gels you're trying to get through go out of date (how does sugar go out of date?) and you finally find yourself throwing them away! I loathe them. And will never buy again. It's wasteful I know, but at least there was no litter. This does sound like a great idea, but I don't think I could face a gel of any flavour ...

GoGo_JoJoMarathon in reply to linda9389

I only ever tried one but the texture reminded me way too much of castor oil which my mother used to force down my throat... no way could I use them! 🀣


I tried the same approach with drink mix and have a big pouch of Nuun hydration mix. It is much more cost effective. The only issue is that the powder has an expiry date which is way past now and the powder has crystallized and gotten harder to dissolve. It still tastes ok, but not great. I like Abi’s idea of sharing it out with some people to avoid this issue. Never tried homemade gels, but Maple syrup/seas salt has crossed my mind if that day comes. Would just need the right reusable dispenser. Right now I use one or two gels on my long runs and drop them in a baggie in my pocket to dispose of at home.


I think i wont use anything from now on, see how i go.

rickym68Half Marathon

Never used gels. Bought some reusable pouches and make my own honey mix. Honey is apparently just as good as gels. I find I need fresh water to wash it down.

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