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Blistering run

Richard7Half Marathon
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So today I upped my distance from 16.5k last week to 18k for my HM training. I made the age old mistake however of going off too fast. Great for my new 10k PB but rubbish for my time in the 2nd half.

My original hope was to do the HM in between 2:45 and 3:00 but after recent training I was beginning to think I might just sneak in at around 2:30. Well today's run knocked the 2:30 on the head ... but there are still a few long runs to go before race day πŸ˜€

Last week I finished my run and inspected my feet only to find my left big toe suffering from 3 tiny blisters on the outside. So I have been running this week with tape and treatng my feet with extra special kindness. This morning before heading out I did the same, taping around the blistered area which had cleared up.

So you can imagine my surprise when I got home and removed my socks and tape to find that my toe had blistered again in the same place despite the taping that I had done.

My running shoes are getting to their end of life but I don't want to change them just before my race as I had a dreadful time adapting to these ones last year.

Anyone got any tips on how to prevent this from recurring during my long runs again?

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limberlouHalf Marathon

Have you tried wearing toe socks? I have not had one blister in over a year of running since I wear them. And I used to run blisters just walking before ( due to bunions and overlapping toes).

My favs are Injinji socks but the Karrimor ones are pretty good too.

Richard7Half Marathon in reply to limberlou

Never heard of these before, just had a quick look, I am wondering if these will help my current situation as it's not between my toes that I have the problem but the outside. But they do look fab and I can see how they would help friction between toes. Do you think they would help with the outside of my toe as well?

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Richard7

In my experience they are good for the outsides, particularly the ends, of the toes because they prevent the socks from tightening and pulling against the feet.

limberlouHalf Marathon in reply to Richard7

Yeah I used to rub blisters at the outside of my left little toe, underneath both my little toes where the next toe sort of walks partly into that toe and also under my right big toe where it’s squashed under my next toe and that was just when walking even shirt distances. Then my daughter bought me a couple of pairs of toe socks and I have never looked back- even when I started C25k in March 2018. And even up to running at least 10k a week ( and a couple of at least 5ks).

I have bought some cheaper ones which I wear for walking but the Karrimor and Injinji have a better bit and keep their shape. And they are hard wearing too

Good luck πŸ˜‰

Richard7Half Marathon in reply to limberlou

Great thanks for the advice


What tape are you using? I recommend Sqkr's favourite Leukotape (zinc oxide tape), but you'd definitely need to protect the blistering area with a pad of some sort, because contacting the damaged skin with the tape will likely make things worse. It takes a while for blistered skin to heal properly, and it remains vulnerable for some time after that. I suggest putting a plaster over the area, then the tape over that. Take some time to make sure the tape is properly smooth over the entire area, and put it on an hour or more in advance of your run to give it time to adhere.

Also, I agree with limberlou, Injinji toe socks are fab! I'm off to check out the Karrimor ones now... 😊

Richard7Half Marathon in reply to roseabi

You may have hit the nail on the head. This morning I couldn't find any plasters so because it seemed to have healed up I just used tape thinking better something than nothing. It was zinc oxide tape but quite thin. A visit to the pharmacy for supplies is in order. Considering the toe socks too.

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Richard7

Should be fine 😊

NB I was unable to find the Karrimor socks, looks like maybe they don't make them anymore 😞

I did find some by Vibram that are a bit cheaper than the Injinjis:

limberlouHalf Marathon in reply to roseabi

Oh no!! I think you are right and I was about to order some more for me πŸ˜₯


Sadly I consider myself a bit of an expert in blisters πŸ˜‚πŸ™„ Everything I know, I learnt the hard way.

Seriously though, I had blisters and have used leukotape (I bought the combi pack that has some fixomull tape that goes under the leukotape - not so sticky on the blistered/new skin) for a few months now, having got blisters when I upped my distance. It really has taken months - and a new pair of trainers - and it is literally only in the last week that I would say I am (virtually) blister free. I agree, the tender skin is very vulnerable and needs time to toughen up again, in the meantime bistering keeps reoccurring. I have run with a compeed blister plaster, then leukotape on top and twin skin socks (it's on the side of both my feet, not the toe area) and taken everything off still to find blistering underneath! But, they have gradually improved so do persevere. I now put leukotape on for even the shortest run, not just the long ones. I'm finally getting there, but totally underestimated how long it would take. During last HM distance run I didn't ever feel a 'hotspot' and no tenderness after the run either, so was super pleased. Good luck, I hope your skin toughens up faster than mine!

Richard7Half Marathon in reply to linda9389

Thanks, never heard of Leukotape until today and now twice. Is it something special?

During my short runs this week I had plaster over the blistered area with tape over the top and no problems - I think it's the longer runs that is clearly a bit of a problem for my feet but until it heals up taping in the shorter runs too. Fortunately I work from home so can leave my feet open to the air during the day.

Glad that my feet don't hurt so just need to take care of them so I can keep running - stopping my HM for a blister is totally not an option!!

linda9389Moderator in reply to Richard7

It was Sqkr who recommended Leukoptape. It's zinc oxide tape,nice and sticky! I bought it from amazon. At least the distance you ran today is almost HM so it shouldn't get much worse! The tape and the plasters just seemed to make my skin softer and damper than ever and thats why the blister kept bubbling up again. Anyway, as I say it has finally done the trick, though I suspect leukotape will be my best friend on long runs for ever more :D I've never stopped for the blisters, but the hotspot pain was horribly distracting and made for a miserable last 5k or so :(

WhatsappHalf Marathon

Good to see you are progeressing well, and some good advice by others regarding blister maintenance. I have an new pair of trainers on order myself, as it felt the heel was going to fall of during my last run on Sunday.

Richard7Half Marathon in reply to Whatsapp

The ones I have are my first pair that I was properly checked (gait) for. It was tough for at least two months ... I think just because of the extra support and sorting my foot fall. So don't want to push my luck before my race. However race+1 new shoes πŸ˜‰

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