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Treadmill - slower pace and more perspiration?


Twice this week I’ve used a treadmill at the gym for the 1st time since starting C25k in March this year. I needed to get in a couple of longer runs in preparation for the town&gown 10k on Sunday. I much prefer cross country or road running, but with the nights drawing in and a busy schedule this week hitting the gym seemed like the best option.

Is it just me or is it harder to maintain a good tempo pace on a treadmill, and is it normal to be completely and utterly drenched in sweat at the end of a 16.5k run? I set a 2 degree incline to offset the lack of air resistance, but am a bit concerned about the slower pace and buckets of sweat.

What are your experiences?

Many thanks. Mad D

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I don't have much experience of treadmills, but I have found that my running form is rather different compared with outside, which I think could be tiring over longer distances. The incline may be exacerbating that effect - are you used to running uphill outside? Muscles are used differently when running uphill. The extra effort and the lack of wind/air could be what's making you sweat more.

MadDave in reply to roseabi

I like running uphill but outside the terrain is more varied / interesting. I think I’ll try to find a way to do my long runs outdoors- even if it means having to drive into town to find routes with streetlights, as I live in a small village with little street lighting and few pavements.

roseabiAdministrator in reply to MadDave

Yes, bit soul-destroying is the treadmill for longer runs (I imagine)!. Hope you find somewhere!

misswobbleMarathon in reply to MadDave

That sounds like a good plan. My niece has the same problem It’s so handy when you live where there are streets

I find it harder to run on a treadmill! Think it’s boring! It’s definitely hotter and I’m drenched too!

MadDave in reply to Lisaloopy9

Not just me that sweats a lot and finds it boring then!

MikeJones6810 Miles

I hate running on the treadmill. It's almost a year since I started C25K and I think I have run on the treadmill 3 times. It's boring, boring, boring and boring. Apart from that it's boring and not very interesting. I too find I sweat buckets and the km seem to take forever to tick by.


I bought a second hand treadmill last winter to build up again from an injury. I too sweated buckets even with all windows open, way way worse than outdoors. I also couldn't match my outdoor pace even without incline. Not sure if my treadmill pace is accurate or not, but I always managed faster outdoors, seemingly with less effort! Don't expect to enjoy it, but as a short term fix it can be a necessary evil I think (and it makes outdoor running seem sooo much nicer)


linda9389 and Lisaloopy9

Sweat is produced when you get hot, to help cool you down. To carry the heat away effectively it needs to evaporate off the skin, which works better when you are outside, surrounded by the moving air (whilst also yourself moving). Have you ever noticed how you seem to suddenly start dripping with sweat when you finish your workout and go back inside? So if you're running indoors on a treadmill it stands to reason that you would feel as though you're sweating buckets, even though you probably aren't actually perspiring any more than usual 😊

Lisaloopy9 in reply to roseabi

Makes perfect sense.

Thank u!

I usually sit in the garden after a long run! Whatever the weather!! 😀

linda9389Administrator in reply to roseabi

Ahh yes! Bl@@dy embarrassing though - reappering copiously dripping sweat and as bright red as can be. My kids can be brutal 😂😂😂

roseabiAdministrator in reply to linda9389

I know! It's horrid.

Kids, eh? 😊

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