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The July Challenge so far - and a poll: What do you ❤️ about running?


Hi all!

Thank you so much to everyone who has posted in the July Challenge - What's Your Running Story? so far.

The beautiful things you have written have given me loads of ideas for future topics for the forum. I also realised I missed out a couple of questions actually!

So I've created a little poll - What do you love about running? I hope you will enjoy thinking about your answer in the spirit of this challenge :)

I hope also you will continue to post your running stories. Here are a few quotes from those we've had so far:

(Favourite mid- and post- race treats): "Candy kittens, rhubarb and custard and then pizza from Bosco ( wood fired oven restaurant) with fizz, lemonchello and chocolate truffles :)"

(Reason for racing): "A friend of mine died suddenly and at his funeral in August last year I rashly promised his running club I'd do the Great North Run. They told me it was 'only 10K', and then I got home and found out they fibbed. Nonetheless, I bought some shoes, started running, and got my ballot place on the Great North Run. Told you I'd do it, Tony :p"

"Pic was me after running in the snow back in March, I have a big mark on my coupon from my ronhill hat, but I was happy being out in the krumpff krumpff stillness, in the snow and ice when so many others were tucked up in bed. Running has gifted me the outdoors again and the cold is no barrier :)"

(Reason for racing) "Seeing somebody wearing a marathon T-shirt at the gym. I always hated running, so the idea of running a 5K race seemed like the ultimate symbol of how I had changed my life. I didn’t end up running 5K, though, I ended up going from 0 to 10K in three or four months!"

(Favourite race) "has to be the chester half, for all it's faults it is my first half so will always be special not only for the reason i did it in the first place, but for the support from the crowd in the last couple of miles spurring me on and the slaps on the back as i run from the other runners telling me i was doing great nothing quite like a crowd of complete strangers shouting your name to give your legs the strength and you the will to go the distance needed"

(How long they've been a runner) "Ps....I’m a parkrun addict 🙋‍♀️..... I thought I had to run 5k before I could go, how wrong was I, ......I now have 139 parkruns under my belt and 72 volunteers - my best possession is my parkrun 25 volunteer shirt 👚"

Keep them coming!

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