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Can skiing replace a training run?

Hi, I'm going to run the Paris marathon on the 8th April but at the end of February I am going skiing for a week.

I can reschedule all of my training runs except for two.

What advice could you give - miss the runs as the skiing will give a good enough alternative exercise or take my running gear and hit the hotel gym early in the morning?

Thanks for all, an any, replies.



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If your skiing your legs may not feel like running! I would take your running gear and use the treadmills in the morning but run what you can. I am off to Australia in March and my hm is in April. The heat will be an issue for long runs so I accept anything that I can manage!


Didn't Scott Jurek originally take up running to supplement his skiing?

If you fancy a run during your holiday that's fine, but I'm sure the skiing will be plenty!


Thanks to you both and I am indeed hoping the skiing will be enough but I will also do as runfasterdoyle suggests and take the gear. If I get a run in then great and I won't beat myself up if I don't.

Thanks again.

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What kind of skiing are you talking about? Downhill skiing does wear on your thighs, but I find that it doesn't provide much of an overall workout, so I'd add a treadmill workout. Cross-country skiing on the other hand exercises your whole body, and I would have no trouble dropping running on a cross-country day.We finally have a decent amount of snow, so I hope to get out there next week and replace some of my runs with skiing.


I agree about the cross-country but unfortunately it will be the downhill variety - I guess this year will be a quiet one for the apres-ski (better for me anyway :-().

Good luck next week!

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