Graduation badges for half marathon and marathon 2017

Hi everyone!!

Please reply to this post if you have completed a half marathon or marathon and would like a badge.

I work full time so if you don't get it in a couple of days, don't panic, I will get to it by the weekend!!

I'm so excited at the number of followers here now and do please PM me if you have any ideas for our community,

Happy running



7 Replies

  • First marathon in belfast earlier this month!

  • A couple of half marathons too - 2 so far but 5 by the end of the year probably.

  • Hooray, well done and here is your badge 😎

  • Completed the Roberttown runners HM in February

    Forgot to request a badge in my excitement

  • Woo hoo that's fantastic well done 😎

  • I did the Liverpool Half on Sunday. May I have a badge please? :-)

  • Brilliant well done 😎

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