Sub 2hr marathon attempt

Is anyone else following the attempt to beat the 2 hour marathon barrier tomorrow at Monza?

I for one find it very exciting and don't give a hoot for all the bleatings about Nike and publicity stunt and pacers etc etc. If they succeed it will be an astonishing feat of human performance, and lest we forget, Roger Bannister used pacers for his 4 minute mile.

It is going to be live streamed on the Runners world website and I shal be watching with avid interest.

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  • That sounds a good watch. I will check it out 🙂

  • Just had a 👀. Do you know why they are wearing sleeves? The pacers aren't so I guess it's not because it's cold... They also have tape on their legs, but it does not look like is because of injury...

    It is fascinating!

  • I wondered that too. I couldn't even see him sweat...

  • compression

  • Can you expound on that please? :)

  • How incredible was that, and to be off by something like 0.5s per km must be kind of gutting.

    Hugely impressed by the commitment it took to make the attempt and to get SO CLOSE!

  • I feared for him! That effort for such a long time. I know he's fit but crikey! 17 laps! I was thinking they would do better on a trail in Kenya with moving scenery. I wonder if they had air conditioning on or something.

    I didn't get the niggly attitude about Nike. It was their gig, their shoes, their show. They look after the athletes in their camps in the US and Kenya. Maybe if they didn't we wouldn't see these runners, or would they even be runners?

    Anyway, I enjoyed it and was sorry he didn't break the record. I wonder if he ever will?

  • If he doesn't, someone else will, but they may need superhuman qualities. It will take a very special individual but I think it will happen....

  • Well, with 2:00:24 he did break the record (2:02:57) but just did not make it in less than 2 hours. I think he was quite happy with what he achieved.

  • I was right at the edge of my seat watching..... I'm so glad I was able to see it live, I think what that man achieved with a little smile on his face is astonishing even though he didn't make it. To think my aim is for a sub 2 hour half makes me feel so pathetic!!!

  • That wee smile made me admire him even more :) That is CLASS. :) You are also Class BTW Ju-Ju :)

  • Awww Thankyou 😎

  • Yeah but Ju they are super-human. Cut yourself some slack.


  • Ju is a super human

  • Wow - been following this and it definitely inspired my morning run (pretended I was Kipchoge for a full 60 metres - 😂). These guys are indeed super-human. It looked like Kipchoge was actually laughing to himself at about 24 miles! Amazing effort and I think it is a case of when, not if.......Some of the stats are incredible e.g 422 consecutive 17 second 100 metres. Huh!!

  • I know... that laugh and he didn't seem to break a sweat either!!!

  • Er, I don't think I've ever run 100m in less than 20s... not even when "sprinting" the 100m in school PE lessons.

  • Before last June I had never run more than 20 seconds!

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