My first trail marathon - fit for a panther 😺

My first trail marathon - fit for a panther 😺

My race report:

We had to get to Hunters Inn in Parracoombe for the start. My first thought was that there was a lot of mountains!!! Everyone looked really hardcore and I felt terrified. I started at the back with all the dogs and the first 3 miles was all climbing. At 6 miles I honestly thought I'd never make it as I was already tired. I met the lovely davemars at the start which gave me a huge boost.

My family waved at mile 6 and my son was really encouraging so that spurred me on. In all honesty I was already pretty tired at that point as it's so hardcore!!

I then met a lady called Kerry who I'm sure was my guardian angel. We ran the rest together. She had run 61 marathons including the Marathon Des Sables. She talked a lot but it kept me going. We walked up the hills and ran down. The first water stop was at 6.8 miles. Not loads of food but was nice to see a checkpoint. We were told the next one wasn't for 10 miles ( gulp). I ran out of water at about 13 miles. Thank god for Kerry she shared her water and told me about running in the desert and how regular water is so important. At 15 miles I suddenly felt really sick and dizzy and I was so hot in the blazing sun. Kerry made me eat and gave me water. At that point I would have given up. Then the checkpoint came and my family were there. I filled up my bottles and my daughter gave me 3 rhubarb and custards!! They saved me, I kept one in my mouth as I powered up all the hills. It was really really hard. We then eventually got to the final checkpoint at 23.5 miles. It was a welcome sight and by now my bad ankle was screaming and my entire body was drained. We kept running and finally saw the flags of the finish..... really emotional, I think we were v close to last and we ran through the finish. It was an incredible experience and has made me appreciate how tough the trail and climbing hills is. I know all my training in the woods helped me no end. I could feel all of you spurring me on and I'm so grateful.... my final time was 7.59 so just under 8 hours. I can safely say that was my longest endurance run but I know I can now βœ”

I'm thirsty for more now although I still can't actually walk properly... hummm

Happy panthering



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  • Look at those elevations ! My goodness you are one strong lady. I know this was one of your ambitions and you've conquered it. Nearly 8 hours though....absolutely mind blowingly awesome.

  • Thankyou.... it was amazing and I will be doing it again ❀

  • I was WALKING for 4 hours in the Alps yesterday, and did about 1/3 of your elevation. I kept thinking of you RUNNING up the same hills/mountains and think you're absolutely fantastic. There is no way I could run up (or down) like that, I was out of breath just walking. Bit stiff today aswell. So huge congratulations - and so good that someone took you under her wing.

    Well done!

  • Thankyou, and we power walked up and ran down and the flats, some were so steep there was no way I could run up them!!! Your walking sounds fabulous 😎

  • Ju-ju you are an absolute inspiration!πŸ‘πŸ₯‡πŸ‘ We have all been waiting for this report and I am so glad you did it! What an amazing effort, to have taken on the toughest trail marathon in the series and to have worked so hard and gone out there and done it! Kerry does indeed sound like an angel and it must have been a great support mentally to have someone to run with. I cannot imagine what physical and mental stamina you must have had to get round that course, but I bet you must feel invincible today! Well done to our very own Panther, we knew you would not falter!πŸ™‚x

  • Thankyou so much, and I have to admit I have a real sense of achievement and I don't feel mentally broken as I ran with Kerry and we took it very steadily... I am itching to do more and I also really enjoyed being out of the pack at the back so it didn't feel like a crowded race!! I'm planning my next adventure now 😎

  • Look forward to reading about your next challenge...!πŸ™‚

  • Wow !!!! That is just so awesome , those mountains !!!!! Running for all that time - Gasp !!!!

    Take a bow Panther , that is just epic !

    Really Really Well done , I am in complete awe !

    Have a well earned and very well deserved rest for a bit and lots of good grub . I wonder what your calorie burn was for that ? Is it on GC , will have to have a look .

    Many, Many Congratulations !! :-) xxx

  • Ha ha I checked, I think it was about 3,200 ... which I've more than made up for since 😜 Thankyou so much, it did feel like a proper panther adventure 😎

  • You absolute star! And good on Kerry too.

  • Thankyou.... yes she was a lifesaver 😎

  • Fantastic Ju-Ju, so glad you made it safe and sound, that is one heck of a serious challenge, brilliant that you had some company too, I can imagine that really helped.

    Congratulations, super panther woman! 😼 You are awesome πŸ‘

    Big hug πŸ€—


  • Thankyou so much Madge..... it was amazing!! 😎

  • wow running for 7hrs thats great! who needs to walk! you only need to run. sounds like you did a great job well done!

    so Marathon Des Sables next?

  • You really are completely and totally bonkers!


  • Ha ha 😜

  • As always Ju-Ju your magic again well done I'm proud of you. Always have been your a fantastic inspiration to all runners 😁 Keep it up and keep posting. Love a good read from a marathon girl. Or is it snickers these days πŸ˜‰

  • Snickers girl doesn't really have the same ring to it.

  • Ha ha, I love a snickers, have had one in years, in fact it probably was a marathon!!!!! And Thankyou so much 😎

  • Wow yous a tough bird well done

  • Thankyou !!

  • I am SO impressed, that would have been an incredible achievement on a cool day. Was thinking of you, glad you survived and did us proud - now rest up.

  • Thankyou... it took 3 days before I could walk normally again!!!

  • I'm speechless, juju! You ran for 8 hours, in that crazy terrain. Wow. It is not so much your physical fitness that takes my breath away. It is the mental stamina you must have to be able to do that, to push on through thirst, exhaustion, pain... omg! I hope you are recovering well!

  • Thankyou.... it's taken me a while but I'm nearly back on form now, the hills took their toll on my legs!!!!! 😎

  • Absolutely awesome.Simple as that.You are amazing x

  • Awwww Thankyou 😎

  • Well done Ju! I am thinking, and I am sure you are, that you have done the hardest of the series at 5 on the Richter scale so the rest are a piece of wotsit! Well, not exactly maybe but you know what I mean. So, done and dusted. Polished off. Chewed up and spat out. I see you didn't even take a day off of running and was back out the following day ! Eeek!!! Awesome, absolutely awesome.

    I wondered about the logistics of it all, having read the blurb of things you must carry. Surprised you didn't need a donkey or a sherpa for that lot! Carrying water must be dead heavy! I can't even stand to carry my door key, I'm such a bloody wimp.

    Be kind to yourself this week Ju. I hope you can get some rest and good eats to build you back up again

  • I'll be getting a personal Sherpa for the next one ( hee hee I love that idea!!), and that first shuffle the day after was really hard but I'm back on spinning today so all good..... and Thankyou, it's flipping typical of me to go for the one that says, 'extreme'!!!!!

  • Amazing acheivement juju! Bet there are not many people who can say that they have done that marathon,you are one super panther. Glad you had some great company to get your round! And you've been out running since so I see on strava that's dedication πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜†

  • Thankyou, it's only because I'm on a running streak ( day 85 today) so if I just do a mile as minimum it still counts!!!!!! And Thankyou so much 😎

  • That's a very impressive amount of days! Well done juju πŸ˜†

  • Wow, you are amazing! How did you keep going especially feeling dizzy/sick as well. Great photos, I recognise the Valley of the rocks. VERY well done to you :)

  • Thankyou, after I forced myself to eat and guzzled some water after about 10 minutes I was ok again, so not too horrific!!!! 😎

  • OMG. look at you go, that is totally amazing and in that heat. I know of some that came a cropper with the heat alone, let alone those sort of elevations, you are the pride of the pack without doubts. Very well done. Rest up and look after yourself.

  • Thankyou so much, it was flipping hot and Thankyou I'm feeling much more normal today!!!

  • I saw your run on Connect and was blown away by the elevation profile, but I had no idea there would be so little support en route, in terms of water stations etc. Truly an extraordinary effort on your part, you should be so proud of what you've achieved - Hell *I'm* proud of what you've achieved and I've only read about it. Take a bow Panther Lady and look after yourself; your body needs time to heal now before your next attempt at Superwoman-ness! xx

  • Thankyou so much, yes I think these smaller companies don't have loads of water stops I think partly as it's so remote!!!! 😎

  • Fantastic!!!! Jolly well done!!!!!! That race looks so gorgeous, and with goats too :D

  • Thankyou, and the baby goats were soooo cute!!!

  • Wow, what an effort. Looking at the elevation chart on GC, my quads started to cry even though I was sitting comfortable in the sofa. I can't imagine what it must have been like to run! Beautiful I'm sure, but that is a huge undertaking. Well done you, you did amazingly well!

  • Thankyou so much.... next time I will do it a bit quicker, although if I had pushed I don't think I would have made it!!! 😎

  • The scenery in your photo looks stunning, and I am slightly envious of your running prowess to be out and enjoying it. All that training has certainly paid off, and you are well on your way to being an ultra-runner. It was great that Kerry took you under her wing, and no doubt the two of you are hatching some plot for your next run. Jolly well done, Ju.

  • Thankyou, and yes safe to say I think I have the bug for that now!!! I think I could do it... slow and steady always wins the race 😎

  • good to see you on Saturday! Great race report. Whats next ??

  • Hee hee, I'm liking the look of the south west coast path ultra.... and you??

  • Ha! I knew you would be looking at that. Have just returned from Hayle and was telling my mate about your run. She said her vet came joint first in the ultra down there.

  • Absolutely brilliant.. what an achievement!!!... can you walk yet???

  • Just.... 😜

  • yay way to go..glad everything went so well.

  • Thankyou 😎

  • I wanted to ask tech questions, e.g. What water bottle sizes, what tackle vest, what shoes, exactly? Do tell. Thanks πŸ˜ƒπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸ’ͺπŸ…

  • I wore my salamon trail shoes and back pack. I had 2 , 500ml water bottles but that wasn't enough so I have ordered a new 1500 ml bladder for next time 😜. I carried 2 flapjack energy bars, first aid kit, inhaler, lipsave and some jelly babies!!

  • Lip salve! I have horribly cracked lips at the minute! Grr

    Salomons, but which ones? πŸ˜ƒ I bet two of those full bottles are darned heavy. Still, a girl has to do. .... πŸ™‚

  • They are these:

    Hope you can see link?

  • You are an absolute nutter, but you certainly have a good pair of virtual you-know-whats on you to run for 8 hours, and that's WITHOUT the mountains! Hope your body has recovered, sweetie. I bet your family are so proud of you.

  • Thankyou and yes I feel so much better Now!!

  • Wow ju-ju. That was absolutely heroic. I am very tired just imagining it! Well done. x

  • Wow, just WOW! That's so amazing, you are fantastic! Mega congratulations! Fancy carrying on when you felt woozy, I just can't imagine...

  • Thankyou so much 😎

  • Thanks Ju-Ju. Fellraiser! Got it πŸ˜ƒ Like em πŸ˜ƒ

  • Great report! And what an achievement! You are an inspiration, ju-ju.

  • I am sorry I am so late to congratulate you on this amazing achievement! (I am blaming internet problems!)

    I cannot imagine ever in my life doing something like this - I am in awe.

    Well done!

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