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So while planning our holiday for our 10th wedding anniversary, we discovered that while we are at Walt Disney World, there is going to be a runDisney Darkside Star Wars weekend.

Well it would be rude not to enter since what are the chances of an opportunity to run through Disney world coming up while we are there.

So what event, 5k? 10k? Half marathon? Naah lets do the Darkside challenge 10k on Saturday and half marathon on Sunday.

Any advice for running substantial distances 2 days running (pun intended)?

Should we factor this into training? Currently we always have a rest day after a run.

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You will need to be fit! Your training will need to be thorough. Rest day, diet, cross training, good food, hydration. You will be running in heat one would suspect so you will have to be well prepared.

It sounds exciting! πŸ˜€


Just focus on having fun, and not on times. From the reports I've read from the Disneyland Paris HM, people kept stopping all the time to take photos with characters.

If you focus on having fun, it shouldn't be too hard on your body.

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Totally, I usually run quicker than my wife. But for this event we are running together, time isn't an issue this is one for the memory bank and photo album.


Just focus on getting plenty of miles in the bank during your training. You'll get to the point where a gentle zone 2 10k is just something you do to keep the engine ticking over. And then you keep them ticking over on the Saturday at Disney while looking forward to the main event on the Sunday.

And yes, you should always make your training specific to the event you are training for. If you were running an offroad HM you'd do loads of offroad training. If you were running a hilly HM you'd do a lot of hills. If you're running two consecutive runs, then you should practise that as well. The sooner you build it into your training regime, the less of a problem on the race weekend.

It'll be fine. Have a wonderful time, and let us know how you're getting on.


Can't help with advice - but sounds great.


I would maybe do a couple of training runs of running a day after each other.

And don't turn to that darkside! remember the force will be with you, always.

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I have to admit I normally run everyday and I regularly do 6 miles Sat and 8 on Sun on the trail. It has taken me a while to get to this point and my advice would be to not go all out in either but take them both steadily, with plenty of 2 days in a row leading up to that point. It sounds really good fun :)


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