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Do you change your Stregnth work?

I ask this question after a visit to the physio this week. I have been doing my squats (not religiously) but fairly regularly since I started running. When I was being given my exercises for the next two weeks he asked me if I could feel the burn. I had to admit that I didn't. He then changed me in to one legs squats and not only can I feel the burn but boy can I feel them doing some good.

I realise that I had got stuck at one level and not progressed and I have to say that's probably true for most of my Stregnth work that relies on body weight.

So do you all advance your Stregnth work as you go along and if so what have you changed?

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Good point... when I went to the gym with Leon he made me do squats with a big weight on my back. I could barely walk the next day!!!!!!


I just advance by adding repeats to my workout.


I do more of this stuff in winter I have to admit. The JM dvd's I use go up in stages as you get fitter, so I get my increase that way. I like this exercise just using the body. No tackle required, apart from a mat and a hand weight perhaps.


Can i ask why you visted the physio? are you having pains and things at the moment? or do you as some kind of checkup?

I personally dont do any strength work, i know i should but i dont! Only just started stretching and i find that tedious. Anyone know any exciting strength work?


I went to see him because I had a sore sacroiliac joint. He told me that it was sore because my glutes were tight and not very strong, hence the stretches and strength work. I think some of us are more probe to joint issues. I have osteoarthritis so I have to do a little more work. I'm not the best myself at finding the time but I tend to break it up during the day and do a bit here and there. When I can I use swimming for my strength work.



Exciting strength work: We have a pull-up bar that we can clip onto a door frame, and I just went and did a rather passable chin-up on it.

I'm excited!

Next step: 2 rather passable chin-ups...

I realise this is maybe not the most important strength exercise for runners, but upper body strength is somewhat useful anyway :)


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