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HM training plan


Can anyone recommend a HM training plan for me please? I have found two so far, one in Runner's World and one on the adidas Silverstone half marathon website (the race I am doing next March). Both are 12 week plans and I would expect to start a week or two before Christmas. I used a RW training plan for my recent 10k and that went rather well. Both plans also use a 4 days on/3 days off schedule which generally works well for me. I was just wondering if there are any others I should consider? (I think I can do sub 2 hrs, hopefully under 1:55 - the furthest I have ever run is 14.5km)

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Hi Simon

Im doing a My Asics plan , I have been doing it since June. It has worked really well for me and Im feeling confident about my HM in October.

You have a choice of beginners, intermediate and advanced. I went for the beginners ( the intermediate is very tough, be warned ! )

Ive really enjoyed doing mine, it gives you a projected finish time based on your existing times and it can be tweaked here and there .

Good Luck, hope you find one that suits xxx

misswobbleMarathon in reply to poppypug

myasics. I have done loads of them. I would say though go for the "easy or beginner" plan. I have done the intermediate and it's very dificult even on 3 days a week. They give you specifics times and distances so it takes all of the guesswork out of it, and importantly saves over-running. They will give you an estimated race finish time based on the few questions they ask. Free, so nothing to lose by getting one, even if you don't follow it

Thanks. Just signed up for a myasics plan. It's predicting a time of 1:45, based on my recent 10k PB!?!?

It looks very comprehensive though, telling me how far to run and at what pace. I'll definitely be doing some parkruns and I would like to include some hills and intervals here and there so I may well modify it somewhat. But I think I will follow it from about mid-December.

Time on your feet

Go out and stop out for two hours!

Works for me



I have a dread of over -running now since my horrific shin splint, so I like a structured plan. Short runs as well as long. The longer runs build up over the course of the plan which seems sensible to me. I have a short one due today but a long one tomorrow. If they were all long i'd be dead 😊

Use your head to save your legs ☺


I like a plan too, keeps me focused on my goal as I tend to try and do too much and end up getting crocked .

Good Luck with it Simon !

Oh misswobble ! I completely mis-read the last line of your post as " Use your head to SHAVE your legs " Ha ha :-D

I thought " How the hell is he going to do that , and why would he even want to ?? :-D :-D xxx

Curlygurly2Half Marathon in reply to poppypug

Pops, does your plan include any runs of your actual race distance? It's one thing that put me off, that you never seem to actually run the distance. I know they say the atmosphere will carry you along, but I'd want to know I could do it....

I've looked at MyAsics plans, I know you were about the same pace as me when you started, the ones I got seemed to me to be a bit daft - following your runs on GC, you plan seems very sensible...

ju-ju-Administrator in reply to Curlygurly2

When I did my first HM I did the distance beforehand as I mentally needed to know that I could!!! However we are all different.


Hi Curly

No ,the furthest my plan goes to is 17.5k, which is scheduled for next week - Eeek ! In fact I have got it coming up twice in the next 2 weeks - Even louder Eeek !

The plan says that this phase is for building leg strength and stamina .

I'm not too worried about not going the full distance until the day ( although yes it would be good to know if I can do it beforehand ) but this plan hasn't let me down yet, so I am placing my trust in it .. :-) xxx


I agree, you will be well placed for a sub 2 hour. I have never followed plans but I follow principles. So I would suggest:

1 long run

1 interval session

1 tempo run ( fast)

if more- add in to get your weekly mileage up to 30 miles

This article is fab.... and has a useful table at the bottom to help you re mileage required.

Thanks. I'm going to try to get four runs in per week for the time being... two slower paced runs (one of about 7-8km and one longer one which I will increase the distance on each week), one hill/interval session and one tempo run (usually parkrun, work commitments permitting). That'll only be about 30km per week to start with.

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