Proud mum

Proud mum

I just wanted to share with you all that my gorgeous boy Leon who I started C25k with 3 years ago did his first duathlon yesturday. He's 14 so he was in the juniors but the race was adults and juniors together!!

His times:

4.5k run: 18 minutes

15k cycle: 27 minutes

Total:45 minutes.

It was so fabulous to support him given the amount of times he's looked after me on races- running to give me my inhaler, cheering me on, developing training plans for me ( that I never follow!!) and giving me his Garmin when mine ran out in the Paris marathon, he's a star and I'm so very proud.

That's him on the right in the pic 😎

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  • Lovely post JJ and amazing times! You must be so proud of him and what he has achieved. Great pictures too - he looks really happy and nice to know that today's young people are not all glued to their phones and Xboxes all day! Wish I could get my two boys to run a bit more. They did come out with me a few times last summer but I am still trying to get my fifteen year old to do a parkrun with day!🙂

  • I am so proud of him and I'm so glad ( naughty parent) that I bribed him to do C25k with me ( 2 pounds to come on week 4 with me) when he was 11 as that gave him the taste for running. Keep trying with your boys, perhaps try bribery!!!!

  • Good idea - my twelve year old especially, responds well to bribery!!

  • Sad to say but it always works and I knew he'd love it when he got out!!!!

  • It was quite easy to get my what was 9year old to start doing parkrun with me and he has just come up to 40 runs in about a year now which is great. No bribery was needed although i do give him a cup of tea and kitkat afterwards.

  • Well done Leon, they're two cracking times👍 You must be a very proud mum, JJ. Actually 18min for 4.5k is bl**dy quick for anyone, never mind a 14year old. Think what he'll be capable of by the time he's fully grown!!

  • They're so fit at that age - and some of them just don't appreciate it! It really is good to see youngsters still outside and doing what they were created to do! Well done for getting him out there. I would love to get my youngest running (although he's 24) - he can leap up mountains like a mountain goat, hike for hours on end and is as skinny as a rake, I think he'd love it. But bribery no longer works!

  • Well done Leon! Fantastic duathlon!

  • Rightly proud - great times and great pticture

  • That's a lovely post. Well done Leon! Hope my boy feels the same when he's older 😀

  • you must be so proud..brings back memories of when mine where that age!!


  • Aw that's great , Well done Leon ! :-)

    What a proud Mum you must be :-) xxx

  • Well done that lad

  • That's just brilliant! Well done Leon xx

  • Well done Leon! What a cracking time! Sheesh! 😊

  • thats great work, and great times.

  • Well done! Great results all round - your son for his amazing achievement, and you for getting him started!

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