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Just a little race (Maidstone Riverside Run)

Just a little race  (Maidstone Riverside Run)

While at parkrun on Saturday morning a friend persuaded me to drop the kids off with the parents and come and do a little trail race along the river and I could register on the day!

It started at the finish! Where we all marched off to the local train station to get the train up a few stops to the little village of Wateringbury it was a good atmosphere on the train with everyone cheering as the train left and got to our final station. After a little bit of standing we where off, down the footpath alongside the river. It was a good run along the river passed the big scary cows, past the black sheep and disturbing the young couple who looked a bit embarrassed! I ran with my friend most of the way at about a 6.5k pace as my knee still not completely right and he was recovering from injury as well.

It got to the last 1km and stepped on the gas and left my friend behind and finshed strongly. It was a good time very friendly and not to serious about the time especially as it was a weird 8.6km distance.

I suggest looking up little local runs they are fun and very friendly.

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Looks fun Ben! My club runs a 5k time trial tomorrow with start and finish less than 2 miles from me, sells out really quickly. Must admit to really enjoying the little local ones.


Sounds great, gorgeous pics but RANDOM distance!!!!


That looks like a lot of fun!


You're smiling in every pic! It must have been fun!


I only do local runs. Fewer logistical problems and cheaper ☺ Good runs though non the less

Your run sounds perfect. What fun having to start off on the train 😊 Well done. I hope your knee is ok


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