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Medical certificate?

Flicking through a copy of runners' world the other day I noticed an advert for the Disneyland Paris HM this September. Thinking that I might like to give it a go next year (when my daughter will be 3 and a bit and more able to appreciate everything), I mentioned it to my wife and had a look on their website. They're asking for a medical certificate from a doctor saying that there's no reason why you shouldn't run 13.1 miles. Is this standard practice or just a French thing? Has anyone had to get one recently?

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Never had to do this before anything i have done, must be ether french or a American company being not wanting to get sued when you heart goes because you have just seen Jessica Rabbit at mile 10.

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Yes it is!! I had to get one when I did the Paris marathon last year and they are really strict about it. Its the same accross Europe I think. I was churned through about 4 different desks where they stamp all your forms at the expo. The French love bureaucracy!!!!! You just need to book with your GP to get one, they do charge but its only about 25 quid. Luckily I work with loads of GP's so I was able to get our medical director to sign it for me!!


That sounds like a great plan Simon.

Typical French 😀. I wasn't asked for one in the UAE. For peace of mind, just check your travel insurance covers you for repatriation. Most good policies do.


Yes, I think it's just France, there is a newish race in my little village, they just had their second event. I didn't enter as it was 17 Euros or 24 for the longer circuit, plus 24 to see the doc and get the certificate. On the plus side it does last for a year. They weren't asking for certs from club runners, maybe you could look into that if you belong to one.