Running Fuel


First post on this section of healthunlocked.Thought I'd post a video I just came across about refuelling during a race in case anyone was interested :-) let me know what you think if you try it, as I'm only getting back into running and certainly not thinking of racing or doing any long runs at the moment but would love to know if it works :-)

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  • Interesting! I haven't tried raisins, I tend to eat jelly babies - just regular ones! I have tried sports gels but I don't really like them. Might try raisins next..

  • Wow, I'm out to get some raisins... Thanks for sharing!!

  • Jelly Babies are my fav. too but will give raisins a shot.

  • I have always used energy gels not a big fan of raisins but might try when i am back out on the long runs.

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