Roll up Roll up... GET YOUR BADGE!

Roll up Roll up... GET YOUR BADGE!

Get your badges guys...

Following the successful vote on the poll we are going to have our own special 'Half marathon' and 'Marathon' badge. This can be achieved either by an official event or personal achievement, so either way reply here with your request or message me and I will add it...

benwill is sporting the brand new marathon badge if you want to suss out how good it looks :)


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  • oh i love my new badge, it looks so good on me. 

  • very fetching :)

  • Congratulations! Lovely badge.

  • Can I have an "half" please Ju??? Got the bling to prove it :-)

  • Ooh half please too!! Thank you :)

  • done :)

  • How cool - thank you! :)

  • How was your run yesterday roseabi?, hope it went well!

  • Thank you, Jaxsy! It was a struggle... I was tired, and sore of throat. I had a really nasty stomach ache at around mile 5, had to walk on and off. But I made it in the end, and the finish is fantastic - a lap inside the football stadium! My mum was there waving her 'Go Ab!' sign :) And I still managed to sneak a PB, 1 minute and 27 seconds faster than last time :D

  • Absolutely fantastic, that's was one big effort to persevere- walking to recover is so sensible but sorry you had the horrible tummy early on💪🎈🎈🎈. Strong and fast then roseabi - congrats on your half marathon badge! 

    Must have been great to have seen your mum at the end and boasting a sign for you too....lovely mummy!

  • I did gosport half last Nov!yes please juicy ju😊😆

  • Done ✔️

  • Thankyou! Wow!  it looks good written down there! :)

  • I'll be doing Gosport this year :) 

  • Ooh yes please! It's as good as the medal itself! Thanks ju-ju- ! 😊

  • Done ✔️

  • Thanks! It's funny how seeing it there makes it even more real! ☺️

  • I ran Northampton half last Sept and mk winter half in March - and my name is down for vlm 2017 ballot... 😳

  • Done ✔️

  • Ju... I've lost my badge all together now... was it something I said ;-)

  • I can see it... Sorry I had a gap between work and home!!

  • Awww thanks ... very pleased with that :-)

  • Suits you.....

  • Can I have a half please. I've done several official, including Chesterfield and Worksop, and unofficial HMs by myself. I have Worksop Hallowe'en HM  booked again - it's a good one 😀 

  • done :)

  • Thank you. Sometimes you just need a badge 😀

  • Ooh - something to aim for! But still a very long way off😎 Well done all you half and full marathoners - you're an inspiration 😈

  • Yes please.   I haven't had a badge for ages, well a running one. so exciting. Please may I have a half marathon for last year.  I'm hoping to do it all again on Sunday as well.  Thank you so much. 

  • done... that looks great on you :)

  • Exciting, it looks good.  Thank you so much. 

  • ... and well deserved. Visualise the badge on Sunday, I think that always helps to know you have done it before....

  • oh yeah, I'll have the marathon badge too please! I shall wear it with the honour it deserves! :) 

  • Done :)

  • Thanks Juicy Ju!   Can I have one, pretty please, thank you. I ran the Worksop Half marathon back in October 2014.  I do have a medal but it won't let me post a photo in this thread.

  • Done :)

  • Hi Juicy Ju

      Can I have a half & a full marathon badge, Great North Run Last year & London marathon this year.

    Thanks Drakeybar  (John Drake).

  • I think I can only give you one but I will try!!

  • Oooppps sorry for being greedy!! Ha ha


  • I cant have one as I have my leaders badge :(

  • And another one for a half marathon badge, please. My most recent was the Great North Run last year (which seems an age away).

  • Done :)

  • i've done a half distance in training does that count?

  • Definately :)

  • Thanks Juicy Ju 😊     Yay I can see it 😊

  • very smart it looks too :)

  • Half please :-)

  • Done ✔️

  • Hi, could I have a half marathon badge, please.  I've done 2 this year - Brighton and Hampton Court Palace.

  • Done ✔️ 

  • Hiya JJ.

    Can I have a Half Marathon badge, pretty please?

  • Done ✔️ Good to see you, not seen you for yonks...

  • Can I have a half marathon badge please, completed Chester at the weekend. First ever half and hopefully not the last!! Thank-you

  • Well done... And all done ✔️

  • Can I have half marathon badge please I ran the brum half last October?

  • Hi please can I have a half marathon badge please? I completed the brum HM last October. Do I qualify?

  • Done- and apologies for the delay, i have been unwell!!

  • Thank you. Hope you feel better soon x

  • Yes me too, hope your ok and able to take some rest and recovery.

  • Could I have a half marathon badge, I did the rock and roll Liverpool a few weekends back. Thank you!

  • Done... I am so so sorry I think I didn't pick up on this before...

  • Hey JJ. Can I have a half marathon badge please.


    Jules xx

  • All done✔️

  • HM badge please JuicyJu !

  • Done ✔️

  • I assigned this to you after you did it but for some reason it didn't show up... Let me know if you cannot see it and I will sort you out ✔️

  • Hello! Could I have a HM badge please? Just so I know I can do it again! 😀

  • Of course you can...marathon next?? All done ✔️

  • Oooh only just seen this.

    Can I have a half please - a phrase that should never be used in a pub 😀

    Not an official race - just a personal amble (10/2 min run/walk) 2:22:12 on 9th February.

    Need to get back up to that again, but this is not the weather and I so rarely have the time.

  • Over the last 3 years I got 2 marathons and a few (5) half, but I want to give this badge a new meaning, so I won't claim it just yet. I hope my next marathon with be the one, it will take a few months of preparation but we'll see :)


  • Now that I think about it can i have a half please? (I agree with @folkieboater, never use this in a Pub, especially in Belfast ;) )

    I think I am at my goal there with 5 done (the last on day of Brexit last month...) and two digit time reached :)

    I will keep the marathon one for the next one I run (probably in 2017)



  • Good plan...

  • Done ✔️

  • Ooooh cause I'm such a bling magnet can I have the half marathon badge even though I'm not running at the mo :'( I miss running, but growing a human inside me is pretty amazing. I completed the Oxford Half last October :D

  • done... and I am SO SORRY, I have only just spotted this... hope you are ok???

  • can you add Half Marathon to me please. I completed Great North run in just under 3 hours which isn't fast and I am very proud of my achievement..perhaps a marathon next?

  • You are right to be proud of that its a great time and a fantastic achievement... I would go for a marathon, but then I would say that!!! Badge assigned :)

  • I've lost my "Half" badge... is it because I've been naughty and not posted for a while ?

  • There it is, I can see it?? But yes you are very naughty and need to post how you are doing ;)

  • May I have one now please JuJU?

  • Hi Ju

    Please may I have my half marathon badge ?

    Thank you very much ! :-) xxx

  • Woo Hoo ! Thank you so much Ju ! :-D xxx

  • Hi Juju - completed the Great West run yesterday, so my first half marathon done! May I have mty badge please? :-)

  • Done ✔️

  • Oooooh can I have one of those? I completed the Belfast Half marathon a wee while ago and am now hoping to do Dublin next year. Please please please?

  • Of course!! Here you go 🏅 And well done ✔️

  • Many thanks Ju-Ju. :)

  • Hi ju-ju- , can I have a lovely shiny half marathon badge please, completed the Cambridge HM today.....(see post...)

    Thank you very much


  • Congratulations!!! And there you go :)

  • Hi ju-ju

    Please can I have a badge.

    I completed the Great North West Half Marathon on Sunday 19th Feb 2017 in Blackpool.

    Cheers and all the best.

  • Can I have my shiny new Half Marathon badge please?

  • hello juicy ju.... can i please change my badge from half marathon to marathon as i happily completed my first marathon yesterday. It was the greater manchester marathon and thanks for all the support from the community

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