Gates and dogs slow me down πŸ˜€

Gates and dogs slow me down πŸ˜€

On a long country run, sometimes I just love it when I meet a friendly pooch because it would be so rude not to stop and say hello and stroke them too!  Then there are the awkward gates, just couldn't possibly manage to keep running while opening and shutting those either!  The other day there were 6 Red Kites gliding above me, there was no way I should run on without taking a moment to enjoy a sight like that.  This is one of the reasons, country runs are the very best runs, particularly for longer runs.  I am up to a maximum of 15k which I did once because I have a HM in September, so my eye is on the prize!! I generally do not allow walking and prefer to continue stumbling and plodding but on a long run day, any excuse to just take a breath!


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  • Looks and sounds lovely :)

  • That looks like a beautiful place to run!πŸ™‚

  • Went away for a few days this week and was running round a lake.  Canada Geese were there with their fluffy little goslings, that was worth a stop!

  • Running is amazing but stopping to enjoy the world is allowed (and on a long run, appreciated)!

  • I so agree.. I love stopping to take it all in, and your pic is absolutely glorious....

  • Great picture, it be great if we could have a photo gallery of everyone's photos on there runs. 

  • All those things and lambs.  Have to stop for them too!

  • Oh yes, I remember when Laura said it was "very important to keep going" and I wish now I'd ignored her on some occasions, I certainly do stop to admire the view these days. 

  • Brilliant post.. and lovely photos too.. my kind of run!

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