Instead of eating one fruity pellet every Kilometre I forgot and ate ten of the little blighters at K10 to make it up. Big mistake! Still managed to reach K21 but only just. From K11 onwards I suffered from runners trots! running cross legged is not easy! It was awful thank god there were loos at the end. Now I feel like I've lost confidence on fuelling there's no way I'm having them again. I need to think of something less rich and was wondering if anyone could advise.

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  • Thankfully this is a issue I ever had a problem with. Which I am thankful for! 

    But for my energy eating I use High5 energy gels they work well for me with no issues. So not tried other products, unfortunately I think it's a case of using different products until you find one. 

    I know people on here make there own energy stuff apparently quite easily. 

  • Gels are a no go too they just go straight to the exit door :D

  • Ahh RW.  You did well to get to the end.

    I can't speak from experience as I don't use anything but I know a few runners that have had issues and use shot bloks.  I'm not sure what you were using but may be worth a try


  • Nope on blocks too I was wondering to Try dead simple like plain bread or even cake chunks

  • Oh no.  As I said I don't use anything so haven't really looked into it.  Food bits may be the way forward.

    I hope you find something that works xx

  • I don't eat gels but make my own energy bars.  You can stash dried fruit and nuts somewhere.  I stopped eating sweets ad they make your mouth and hands sticky which I detest.  It's about portability and ease of eating on the move.  Or you can stop to eat/drink but it still needs to be portable.  Things like jam sarnies are fab but just not practical.  It's a real issue and one that you will have trial and error at til you find what suits.  Some of the shots and bars look like expensively dodgy to me, so I ain't going there 😊

    I make energy bars and keep them in my jacket pocket, which is tied round my waist.  OK in cooler conditions but if it's going to be warm there is a danger they could melt if they have honey and butter in 😊 Mnd you I did it in July and hot away with it. Look at Nakd bars for recipe ideas

  • It was the n'ked mini pellets that did me in

  • I'm still experimenting.  Gels seem OK, but I hate the sticky fingers afterwards.  Currently i carry a bottle with 2 gels diluted in it.  Lasts up to about 2 hours with occasional sips.  Still manage to get sticky fingers though 😕.

  • That sounds like an idea. I think that would work. Thanks . diluted gels I might be able to tolerate better great idea

  • oh thats not nice... what is a fruity pellet? I have the same problem with gels, I hate them!! I find that just a little something every 5k is enough to keep going....

  • it was the n'ked mini bags

  • Oh... I haven't tried those before....

  • I like jelly babies, and they don't seem to make my fingers too sticky. Not too many at once though, and a little sip of water after to get rid of the sugary taste in my mouth. 

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