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Hi Marathoners - I'm just starting out


I just started the Couch to 5k in January, but I'm dreaming big. I'm on week 7 and not anywhere near 5k yet. But I hope to reach marathon potential by next March. Most people probably walk faster than I run. Though I can jog for 25 minutes, and I can't wait to get up to a whole hour of jogging!

I joined this community of Marathon Running to keep my goal in sight. I used to jog back in the late 70s and early 80s, but haven't run for 30 years now. I was slow back then too (fastest was about 5.5 hours for Catalina Marathon, I came in last...literally, with an ambulance behind me. LOL).

Anyway, I want to be able to run again. A 5.5 marathon would be like FLYING to me, but I'm more of an egg (or potato) at the moment. I'll probably just be a lurker here, not posting much, but watching everyone's progress and ideas...until I get up to the big 20 miles. Then I'll be ready to register to run a marathon! :)

May the wind be at your back

and the beer flow freely.

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aliboo70Half Marathon

Thats a great attitude to have an aim and timescale in mind, and fantastic that you have already completed marathons😆and I can't see that time as particularly slow to me! . You sound determined so all the best with the programme and hope you do post your progress😊

potato_jo in reply to aliboo70

Thanks aliboo70 -- Thanks for the kind words. I'm glad I found this forum to share in and get encouragement from. It has been over 30 years since I ran my last marathon. A lot has changed in those 30 years -- with my body and with the marathons themselves. Both are a little scary. LOL

That 5.5 was when I was 16 or 17 years old and it was my fastest time ever -- which I'd be ecstatic to get again. I think it really would be like flying!

I run a lot slower now, but I'm hoping just to build up through the program so I can jog the whole thing. That is my goal. I can walk the distance...but I want to jog the distance. And if I can stick with Lara and whoever else comes onto the program to encourage me (and get advice and encouragement here). I should be able to do it.

thanks for the encouragement. :D



You don't have to be fast to run a marathon. You just have to have the stamina to finish! That's my mantra anyway. I'll let you know if it works in September! PS 5.5 would be fine for me!

EatcakeandrunMarathon in reply to turnturtle

That's what I am thinking - not fast - just finish!

potato_jo in reply to turnturtle

Oh, I agree turnturtle. It's completing the marathon -- stamina, endurance, and the will or desire to finish it. Plus good aid stations. When I was a kid we wrapped up cans of beer and hid them in the bushes at 7mi, 14mi, 21mi. LOL

I just want to be able to get past that finish line. And I'd be ecstatic if I managed to jog the whole thing and come in under 6 hours.

ANYWAY, thanks for reminding me that it is the mileage that matters not the minutes. I look forward to hearing how your marathon goes in September -- which one are you doing?

turnturtleMarathon in reply to potato_jo

I have an entry for Berlin but after today am having second thoughts. I think the half marathon may be my limit 😒

potato_jo in reply to turnturtle

Oh...Berlin! Wow. Hey, it's only March. September is months away. Don't talk yourself out of it now. What kind of mileage are you doing now?

I met an Ultra-marathoning woman once. I asked her how she does the mileage like she does. She said "Your body is like a machine. You use it well. Feed it well. And it will work for you."


good luck i am sure you can do anything you set out to do.

Hi Jo - well done for aiming high. I graduated from C25k on March 7th last year and ran my first marathon (slooowly) on August 29th, so it's definitely doable.

Oh, and the beer did indeed flow freely afterwards!

Thanks for the encouragement, ActonHighStreet. And congrats on the marathon -- glad to know my time frame isn't too off kilter. The beer is why I do it. LOL

I started my running journey in 2011, very slowly, could hardly run for a minute! Now I have done a lots of 5k run for life runs, a few 10k's and 5 half marathons. And now the big one! I can't quite believe it but it's true. So yes - you can do anything! good luck!

:) Thanks Eatcakeandrun -- Congrats on all the runs! I hope I follow your progress. I look forward to hearing about your Marathon choice. My siblings say some courses are better than others.

My mom always makes a banana nut cake (sometimes with chocolate chips) and carries it when she walks marathons. I call it her "magic cake" -- she got stopped by airport security when they found the mysterious loaf in her carryon. I suppose it didn't help that she called it her "magic cake" when they asked what it was. LOL

EatcakeandrunMarathon in reply to potato_jo

I love banana cake -especially with chocolate chips! I got a ballot place in the London Marathon, which I am running to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, which focuses on research into a cure for Type 1 diabetes. My running is fuelled by 'magic' jelly babies!

Wow -- London marathon! Excellent. I hope your fundraising is successful. I regret I don't have any extra funds to help you out there. That is a very good cause. The Portland marathon has 'magic' Gummy Bears at their aid stations -- which are quite similar to jelly babies. And I believe they are magic, otherwise I would never have been able to keep up with my mother and walk that far. LOL I look forward to your success at London. Woohooo!

Thanks for all the kind words and encouragement. I look forward to participating in the group! Cheers!


You are very welcome here, thankyou for joining. Its also so great to have those with experience who can share words of wisdom and also cheer us on when we have races!! My goal when I started C25k back in 2013 was to run ultramarathons! A bit ambitious but I have now completed my first marathon last year. I agree its so important to keep our goals in sight and being part of this group is perfect for you. Please continue to share your journey with us so we can support you, and we can enjoy seeing your progress :)

potato_jo in reply to ju-ju-

thank you juicyju. Congrats on your first marathon! I've never done an ultra -- other members of my family have. My dad always said as long as you've got the mileage in and enough beer and snacks, you can go on forever. Miles and miles, like the Maasai warriors.

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