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Wet Feet Advice....


My long run today of 14k ended with me having really cold wet and numb toes due to the numerous lakes and puddles on my very rural run. Although I had planned on doing 20k, the discomfort in my feet was the main thing that stopped me.

Now, whilst I try to avoid running through puddles and try to keep my feet dry, they still get splashed and wet.

Apart from learning how to walk on water.. anyone have any good advice for perhaps better socks or perhaps I invest (ooohh shopping) in some trail shoes that may provide better protection than my standard "mesh" covered road shoes.

For info, I generally run on country lanes, tracks and canal tow paths.

Welcome any advice from anyone who also suffers from cold / wet feet!

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Sandraj39Half Marathon

I posted about these recently and they are pretty good, although one has a very slight hole now I think! Nice and warm too🙂


Not sure whether the link has worked?

AndyDUltramarathon in reply to Sandraj39

Thanks.. The link worked, I'll have a Google for those.

Sandraj39Half Marathon in reply to AndyD

Sorry Andy, should also have said well done on a 14k run! Fantastic!

Hidden in reply to Sandraj39

I ordered some of these Sandra after your recommendation last time. I took them out for their inaugural run this morning, as I was running my route that has turned into a small stream - and they were great !! My feet stayed dry and most importantly warm. And no more gymnastics as I try to avoid the deep mud and puddles :-)

Thanks for the tip !!

Sandraj39Half Marathon in reply to Hidden

Glad to be of help! Sadly one of mine appears to leak slightly now after a few outings! Still, keeps me mostly dry and warm though☺

Some of the people at my outdoor gym club swear by Salamon trail shoes, which apparently keep your feet relatively dry! Haven't tried them myself as I really cannot justify any more running shoes right now!


After further diagnosis, I discovered a couple of holes beneath the insole.. so that might be why I'm getting wet feet! As the shoes were pretty old .. they were permanently retired to the wheelie bin.

So new shoes ordered :-) Ordered some semi-trail shoes, something I can wear when its a bit wet and muddy. Of course, I understand that no shoe will be 100% waterproof, but at least they were give me some more protection.


Trail shoes should let more water in than road shoes, they're designed that way to let the water escape quickly so you're not trapped with wet feet. Socks hinder this so either ditch the socks or get some of those waterproof Skins type things that look like verucca socks.

Good luck. I hope you find some as it's a real pain in the ass isn't it. Brrrr

AndyDUltramarathon in reply to misswobble

Well as long as my feet aren't sat in water that's the main thing as I so suffer from cold feet (old age and being very tall I think). I've ordered some expensive waterproof socks (Dexshell) as well just for those really wet and mucky days!!

Thanks :-)

EatcakeandrunMarathon in reply to misswobble

That's interesting, I had never thought of that but it makes perfect sense of course. My problem is cold hands not feet, but I have various pairs of gloves for varying degrees of freezing-ness!


I have trail shoes and generally I'm wet within minutes!!! However they drain well and my feet do warm up although always very pruney after! Good socks will probably help too....

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