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Early Alzheimers

Is it possible to develop dementia at a young age? I am 40 and very concerned that I'm possibly developing dementia. I have physically picked up over last 5 years my memory and trail of thought going progressively backwards, to the point I for get people I known for years names and unable to recall them - having to ask them their name. Driving and finding myself more often asking where am I, where am I going, how did I get here - with no recollection. Then there is the days I feel I cant make sense of anything and nothing make sense in my head. My moods are worse now than when I was younger, I'm always angry and moody. Im really worried and would welcome any advise as I read the age group that develop dementia and I'm way to young

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Go to your GP and tell them what is happening. ask them to refer you to your local memory clinic.You can have Alzheimer's as young as 40 but ther are also a lot of other illnesses that can produce similar symptoms. getting a diagnosis as soon as possible will help to identify the best treatment plan.


Hi there, i was in mid fifties when i started being confused and forgetful like you are, and i had blood tests and was diagnosed with under active thyroid and iron deficiency, took medication for thyroid and iron supplement and things improved a lot. It could be worth getting a blood test to check your thyroid. :).

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