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How can I find out if I have Alzheimers?

I forget a lot of things, even names for common objects that I use or see every day. I get upset when I cannot think for the life of me the name of something I know so well. This happens on a daily basis several times each day. I tried relaxing and counting to 10, thinking it'll come to me. But often it just doesn't. Things I once knew how to do are now impossible to work out, like how to use the microwave, yet I've grown up knowing how to use it. Now I just look at it and cry.

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go and see your dr get checked out ask to see the gateway team for depression she may send you for a brain scan an d in time put u on medication hope this helps


Cheers - I'll ask my GP next week - I have an appointment anyway for then for blood pressure. xx


See your GP who will give you a thorough medical and if all the tests come back normal will do a memory test or get you an appointment a memory clinic,where they will assess you. They may arrange a MRI scan. It does take a long time to be diagnosed with alzheimers. However it's worth the wait because at least if caught early there are medications available to slow this down but there is no cure. Best of luck. xxxx