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Macular Society promotes independence, confidence and quality of life for people with macular disease.

The Society is a specialist charity for people affected by any form of the condition. We are the only national charity in the UK solely dedicated to helping people with macular disease.

We are dedicated to providing high quality, impartial, information and practical support so that those with the condition may make the most of their remaining vision. We campaign for improved care and work with other charities and eye care professionals to achieve this.

In addition to our prime purpose of providing support for anyone affected by macular disease, the Society actively promotes and funds research into macular disease. To find out more about us, visit

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can anyone help me my mum just cant come to terms with her sight lose she has had macular for 8 years now she cryes every day and I don't no how to help her


Hi sandbird, how distressing for you both, sending a big hug x

I suggest you ring the Macular Society helpline 0300 3030 111 they are very good. They have advisors and support groups and buddies etc plus can help people learn to use what sight they have left so Im sure they will be able to offer some useful support for your poor mum. My heart goes out to her x

Wishing you both all the best for the future x

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