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Has any one here seen a neurologist about their eyes? I now am only using my right eye and the left has a blendham ( frosted cover over the glasses lens) as I could no longer cope with the prism. My left eye now closes automatically when I use it ( especially during eye tests- visual fields and Occular motility) and can’t open it and nor can the drs. They say it is neurological so had an urgent brain scan and get the result on Thursday I hope . Just wondering.

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Hi tallyho

So sorry to hear you have yet another problem. Hope nothing sinister is found on your scan. Keeping my fingers crossed for you at this worrying time.

Sending you my best wishes. Please keep in touch.

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They are sort of thinking Myasthenia I don’t think anything too scary showed up in the MRI

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Hello Tallyho,

I just thought that I would send you a reply, because my daughter suffers from myasthenia Gravis, to give it its full title. She used to have problems keeping her one eye open which affected her reading etc. The muscles of the eyelid can be affected, and she used to have to prop her one eyelid open to be able to read at one point. However, she was put on medication and her condition improved, and she is now 46 and only has to wear glasses for reading. It is sometimes a little difficult trying to find the right medication, plus the right dosage to help with this condition, but it is not impossible. I hope that you soon find a resolution, and wish you well,

Hi Tallyho Hey mate I’m in Australia and one thing u have there are the latest things to help. May I ask did this happen because of Macular Degeneration? I hope not and will say a prayer that your sight will be a lot better..,, maybe they can do something.... good luck as fairdinkum it’s a shitty diagnosis!!

I don’t have macular degeneration

Hi tallyho

Sorry to hear you have found yourself with yet another problem with your eyes. As if you don't have enough to cope with.

Please let us know your results and I hope it's something easily rectified.

Best wishes from 2468G

Oh mate,

All the very best....

God Bless and update us please 🙏🏼❤️

Sorry you're having more stuff to cope with. Sending hugs and best wishes x

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