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Do you have problems with Microsoft Accessibility options and forms? Any fixes?


I'm just a bit tired of this, and wondered if anyone knew any workarounds

I have the accessibility on my Windows 10 PC set to use reverse colour, so I'm typing this in black on white

The trouble is I'm suffering from invisible check boxes and other elements in on screen forms. It can make online shopping very difficult if I can't find the check box associated with the Terms and Conditions for example (quite happy to check the box, but I can't find it). Surveys - whether survey monkey or Quick Survey or other are often impossible, as elements vanish. Very frustrating when I am trying to explain how they can improve their support for the visually impaired.

For example, work out where to click in this rating scale (I gave up)

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I hate Win10 even though my son was the lead graphic artist for the project at M/S! Everything is too tiny, I simply can’t see it. I stick with Win7.

Try placing the cursor at the top left of the screen and highlight the hidden text by drawing the mouse down the screen whilst holding the left mouse button.

You should then be able to “fine tune” the area you want and type in the correct area.

I too prefer Windows 7. Nevertheless adjusting the monitor's resolution to suite your sight will bring advantages - even though you will be told it is not at its most efficient. You can always revert back to the original setting.

I'm on Windows 7 which I can use OK. It's not always compatible when people send me documents and I then have to get my daughter to download in her laptop. Otherwise it's good. Don't think I will ever have Windows 10. Hope you manage to sort things out.

Health unlocked have now sent me a questionnaire that is not compatible with Windows 10 in accessibility mode. Let me be clear - having used Windows all the way through from 3, I think Windows 10 is generally far better than either 7 or XP, It's just that accessibility mode doesn't actually give you access to certain types of screen and screen elements, I'm not sure I ever used it with 7 or XP, I think I just used a custom theme.


Dear StokeySue,

AbilityNet are a free helpline, who can give advice on computers and other forms of assistive technology.

They can be contacted via:

0800 269 545

They may well be able to assist.

Kind regards,

Macular Society Helpline

0300 3030 111

Thanks I was given a "Help" sheet (sic) at Moorfields, it appears to apply to Vista

really Microsoft need to sort out this and the related bugs

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