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hi i am feeling really depressed i went to the eye hospital yesterday and was told i need more injections the time before i could have my cataract operated on i really do not want any more needles stuck in my eyes as i cannot see what good they are doing; what would happened if i refused to have anymore? i have other health problem can any one tell me please

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Hi, sorry you feel down and that is quite common If you have visual problems so don't feel alone. It would be good if you could talk it through with your specialist as they know you, condition and eyes. If you have wet AMD it will likely become worse much more quickly without treatment than with. They will be holding off the cataract surgery because that can make your MAD worse so it is a fine balance. You don't 'have' to have any treatment you don't want but don't make a rash decision.

Good luck

Sending you a hug x

It's hard sometimes when we cant see the benefits of the inj. But things would probably be much worse without them. Talk to your Dr, he should show you the pictures of your eye so you can see what the inj are doing for you.

Best wishes going forward .

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