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Thank you My Eyes!

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Helo everyone, im 42 and due to my high myopia I was diagnosed with myopic macular degeneration since one and half years ago.

I've had several issues related with my retina and macula over the years, and had took four injections so far. Now I try my best to fight (or live) with these problems.

I enjoy my work as a banking employee for nearly 20 years since grauduated from college, and I am hoping my eyes can help me get through the rest of my working years to the day I can finally get retired.

I want to say “thank you” to my eyes. I know they have done thier best and how hard they have been through. Also thanks to the modern technology that I was’t blind when my macular had the problem.

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Hi. I like how you said 'thankyou' to your eyes as I have sometimes been cross with mine for having so many issues.

I too have high myopia (-12 both eyes) and myopic macular degeneration. Now diagnosed with CNV. Waiting for third injection.

I hope you manage to keep working and doing all the things you enjoy. You sound a very positive person.

Best wishes to you.


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Jiayin530740 in reply to 2468G

I have to be positive as I enjoy so much in reading and watching things around the world. Better with poor eyesight than nothing to see at all.

Thank you for the reply

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