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One stop clinics

Hi all I noticed that someone had posted about dilation before injection. Some people were saying that they too gave this and done said they did not .

Basically ( I live in the Uk and have had about 75 injections for DMO) I attend my clinic which operates ‘One Stop Clinics’ this is a term used in hospitals I have not made it up. These are clinics for a variety of health issues not just concerning the eyes which mean that patients are seen then assessed and treated on the same day. Not all eye clinics run them but many do it is not really geographical it’s just what the clinics decide to run whether it be in the UK or not. So when attending a ‘One Stop Clinic’ your eyes will be dilated because everything is done on that one visit. If you don’t have a ‘ One Stop Clinic’ then you maybe assessed one day and treated on another day. Eyes are dilated generally so a good view can be made by the ophthalmologist. I am not 100% certain as why it would be done if just an injection is being done it might help with the placement of the injection but will ask when I next go to eye University and talk to the ophthalmologists.

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Hi my name is Tricia, I live in uk (west yorkshire) and have diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular oedema. Since 2014 I have been having injections of lucentis then eylea mostly in both eyes. At the clinic I go to they dilate the eyes after doing an eye test then they do a scan that photographs the eye which the doctor can view on his computer when he sees you, this is when you are told how the eyes are doing and what treatment will be done. They write the letter l or e depending on which treatment you are having on your forehead above the eye to be treated then you go wait and have the injections done.


Hi there we are in the same boat with DR and DMO. Hope all is going well with your treatment. Basically you describe perfectly a ‘One Stop Clinic’ which is what you attend


Dear Tally Ho

Thank you for your post relating to "Dilatation before Lucentis" post.

I had replied to this, but forgotten about the One Stop clinics that are sometimes held, so your post was helpful for my learning as I am a relatively new member of the Helpline Team!

It would therefore seem it is not uncommon in UK, not purely a US trend, and seems from Orangesv post, the practice may indeed have positional benefits for injecting!

I always note you have helpful comments, borne out of what seems your wide personal experience. I wish you all the best,

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It does appear to be standard practice at most clinics prior to an eye injection to have dilation drops. However, as the injected area, the Pars Plana, is outside the lens it is not necessary as a preliminary to the injection. I think most clinics are “thinking ahead” and saving time in case they find that they need to carry out a more detailed examination of the eye. In my case the clinic, at Liverpool, automatically does a vision test, pressures and dilation in both eyes on every visit. Like you I have had almost 80 pokes in the eye. I have a condition in my good eye which undergoes more detailed examination approx once a year.


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