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Hi, new to group. My partner saw eye consultant after being referred by optician. He saw the consultant who mentioned cataracts but said it was a mixture of that and AMD. He is 50 yrs old. He was given nothing and told to come back in 6 months, he is going back early August. He is very down as now one eye is down to 50%, very misty, can't make out faces, night driving is very difficult. He is taking MacuSave vitamins. Can his eyesight deteriorate that quickly with AMD or could it be cataracts causing it? Also has anyone had any success with the Airnergy machine?

Thank you

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Hello Lainey03,

So sorry to learn about your partner.

If his sight has suddenly deteriorated rapidly, he must get his eyes checked promptly by an eye care professional in case his dry AMD (which I think he was diagnosed with) has turned to the wet type.

The wet type can be treated if it is caught early; if he has a contact number for his consultant, I suggest that he calls him or presents at his hospital eye department so that they can carry our some diagnostic tests. Statistically, 10-15% of people who have dry AMD will develop wet AMD.

It is very unlikely that his cataracts would have deteriorated in such a short time period.

Now turning to Airnergy. We have come across this device in the past.

I am afraid that there is no hard evidence to back up their claims that it helps people with AMD. We actually spoke with a representative from their company a few years ago and recommended that they contact a reputable UK hospital such as Moorfields, or University College London Ophthalmology department in order to discuss possible clinical trials on their product to prove its effectiveness.

They appeared reluctant to do this and we therefore treat their claims with great scepticism.

The Airnergy machine costs from memory about £4,000. I would recommend you use your cash for something else until this type of therapy is proven.

Best wishes

Macular Society

lainey03 in reply to Macular_1

Thank you so much for your reply. We rang the hospital and he has an appointment tomorrow.

Kind regards x

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