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Eating more spinach

Hi everyone, this probably isn't the first post about this but in case it is useful to someone...

I have been trying to incorporate more spinach into my diet but finding it difficult. I've read that raw is better than cooked so decided to try making spinach smoothies. I've tried broccoli before but it is very bitter and kale is not great. However spinach is really working well for me as it is very bland in flavour and so easily masked by other flavours such as banana. Rather than posting my recipe, thought I'd tell you what I did to try and make it palatable. I put 500ml of skimmed milk into large jug, and then added a large banana and blended it with a hand blender. I then just kept adding handfuls of spinach leaves and blending it, until I'd put in as much spinach as I could (which was a lot) before it started tasting undrinkable. I then made a massive batch with these quantities and froze cupfuls so I could just get 2 out each day to drink before breakfast and tea. Another variation I tried is to use half a watermelon instead of milk, no banana and a few springs of mint leaves with masses of spinach. To me they taste ok, (even got my husband drinking the watermelon one).

( I do seem to have less floaters in my eyes as well, however this may purely be coincidence).

Hope this will be useful to someone as we all battle with our eyesight issues.

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I haven't tried it as a smoothie, but add a handful of spinach or baby leaf kale to my lunch sandwich. Sometimes add sliced red pepper as well which is meant to be good. I'm lucky though, as I like the taste!

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Good for you! I always hated eating greens but, by dint of fiddling about, I can now eat many more. Kale, for instance, is not much fun eaten as is, but with added garlic and chilli it becomes more palatable. Broccoli with added anchovy paste becomes bearable. And so on. I once made kale crisps which were very successful (just Google the recipe), but a bit wasteful of oven energy.


Careful, you could end up with arms like Popeye. 😆


see if you can juice, I have a 1700watt nutribullet but a 900watt machine works as well. The trick is blending in a more complete level than ordinary blenders...thatcway the body gets more minerals and nutrients.

an anti inflammatory diet made the difference; I use powdered protien mix, kale, frozen berries or esp. Pineapple, cinnamon, ginger, cia seeds, cannabis and ice.

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